Are Audioquest cables any good?

Are Audioquest cables any good?

A quality cable that wont break the bank. I have purchased several Audioquest cables etc for my system. These are not the most expensive Audioquest speaker cables nor entry level. Very well constructed. Sound great & a decent price compared to upper end lines.

Do Audioquest cables make a difference?

The Audioquest line ups on any type of cable are very accurate with gradual and sometimes dramatic improvements as you go up the line. So just think of a slightly high budget and buy used if possible. Always make an offer even if it is a new cable.

Where are AudioQuest cables manufactured?

The Audioquest factory in Roosendaal in the Netherlands receives reels of cables that are then cut and assembled.

Is AudioQuest certified?

AudioQuest’s entry models, Pearl 48 and Forest 48, were the first HDMI-2.1 cables to receive HDMI LLC’s Ultra High Speed certification; now all AudioQuest 48Gbps models are certified. HDMI only certifies a bare minimum, though of course no AudioQuest cable is only a “bare minimum.”

How can you tell a fake AudioQuest cable?

Look closely at the quality of the cloth braiding surrounding the cable. Fake AudioQuest cables have a loose braid, poor and visible terminations of the braiding that are often exposed outside of the connector shell, along with splotchy plating on the connectors.

Is AudioQuest an American company?

AudioQuest is based in Irvine, California, has offices in the Netherlands and distributes its products to approximately 65 countries throughout the world.

How do I connect HDMI to AudioQuest?

The arrow designates the recommended direction of the signal carried by the HDMI cable. The arrow should point from the “out” HDMI connection to the “in” HDMI connection. As an example, when you hook up an AudioQuest cable from your cable box to your TV, the arrow on the cable should point from the cable box to the TV.

Are high-end XLR cables worth it?

SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns replies: The short answer is no, they’re very unlikely to sound any better. The longer answer is that there are complexities and subtleties involved that can, in specific circumstances, conspire to affect the sound when using different types of cables and connectors.

Do expensive optical cables make a difference?

Distinguished. If a optical cable is transfering a digital signal that doesnt exceed the bandwidth of the cable then there is no difference in sound quality between a low end cable and a high end cable.

Where are AudioQuest based?

Irvine, California
AudioQuest is based in Irvine, California, has offices in the Netherlands and distributes its products to approximately 65 countries throughout the world.

Do Klipsch speakers use banana plugs?

The vast majority of our passive speakers will take a banana plug connection. You will first need to remove the dust cap on top of the input terminal to reveal the banana plug input underneath. Here are some photos and steps to help you with this type of connection.

Are AudioQuest River XLR cables any good?

It’s at Good Value! Where does your Value Quotient lie as regards HiFi cables?….It can vary, but common threads exist within groups as to what represents value. Thats when AudioQuest River XLR Cables come in.

Is the AudioQuest carbon USB cable worth the price?

I know it isn’t cheap, but I personally think the sonic value for the cable is worth the price. I replaced the Cinnamon USB cable with the Carbon, the next cable up the USB line in the AudioQuest assortment. I kept the JitterBugs in the system. With the Carbon, I noticed more air around the instruments.

What did I learn from my AudioQuest experience?

I spent some time listening to a variety of configurations on several different systems with the AudioQuest assortment just to get some experience with them and let them burn in a bit. As I did this, I spent some brain space on how to go about a meaningful cable review. I also thought about the science behind cable design and fabrication.

Is the AudioQuest Jitterbug worth it?

I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with the JitterBug, the first product I chose from the AudioQuest assortment. As a value proposition, I’m getting two to put in my personal system. I think they are that good.