Are HUDs allowed on iPoker?

Are HUDs allowed on iPoker?

iPoker has quietly added a built-in Heads-Up Display feature, dubbed Player HUD, to its poker client following its latest software upgrade. The HUD on iPoker is based on three key gameplay statistics: The number of flops seen, how good a player is running and how aggressive the player is.

What is a good cash game ROI?

Live Cash Games – 0-30bb/100 hands with 30+ being considered exceptional in most games. Online Tournaments ROI – 0-30% with 30%+ being considered exceptional in most games. Live Tournaments ROI- 0-100% with 100%+ being considered exceptional in most games.

Does Sharkscope track cash games?

No cashgames on sharkscope. But you can still use it if you’re trying to avoid cash tables with too many regs since most of them play tournaments too.

How do you check players stats on PokerStars?

To request a report of your statistics, go to the main lobby screen and select:

  1. Tools.
  2. History & Stats.
  3. Get Statistics.

Who is the best cash game poker player?

Many of the game’s best players have climbed the ladder and made millions on the live and virtual felt in the world of poker tournaments.

  • Justin Bonomo took over the top spot with his win in the 2018 WSOP $1 million Big One for One Drop.
  • Kenney’s first live tournament cash was in 2007.

What is a good ROI poker?

An ROI greater than 0% is good. You need to play at least 1,000 SNGs to get a half-decent idea of what your long-term ROI might be. Download Holdem Manager to keep track of the tournaments you play and to help you win money from the SNgs you play.

What is a good ITM for MTT?

Average ITM for MTT is within 15-20% – this is normal !!!

What is a good ITM?

If you’re able to maintain a 50% ITM ratio, you’re either damn good or damn lucky. I’d would say 20 – 25% if you’re looking to make it big. 20% is very good.

What is good ROI in online MTTs?

A good ROI for online tournament players is around 20%. But it’s immediately apparent that a 20% ROI on a $1 tournament is going to be a miserable hourly rate, even with significant multi-tabling.