Are Maldives water villa safe for kids?

Are Maldives water villa safe for kids?

Water villas have direct access to the island lagoon via a narrow staircase, which poses a safety hazard for young children. The water villas are arranged on either side of a wooden walkway open to the lagoon, so young children will require supervision while accessing the villas.

Is Maldives good for family holiday?

Is the Maldives good for a family holiday? It might be famed for its romantic setting, but the Maldives makes just as good a holiday spot for families. The beaches are perfect for children of all ages, with the softest of sands, shallows for paddling in and plenty of fun activities to keep their interest.

How much does an overwater bungalow cost in the Maldives?

All this doesn’t come cheap—expect to pay upwards of $1,000 a night—but some properties offer multiple overwater categories, so choosing the smallest option (not always the one listed here) is the best bet for affordability. One property is even all-inclusive. Here are the 10 best overwater bungalows in the Maldives.

What is the cost of water villas in Maldives?

Water Villa with all inclusive is usually about USD700 per night average. You can try to search for cheaper 1.

Is Maldives worth visiting with kids?

The Maldives offers an abundance of family-friendly activities so it is safe to say that Maldives is child-friendly. Tropical fishes, Dolphins, treasure hunts, beaches, snorkeling, and swimming are sure to keep kids busy for days.

Can children stay in water villas?

Although many luxury resorts do not recommend (it means that not prohibited) staying in water villas with small children for safety reasons сhildren under 12 require written parental consent to stay in a water villa.

How much is a night in a Maldives bungalow?

A typical mid-range vacation to the Maldives will cost around $300 to $500 a night. You can definitely aim for cheaper floating bungalows or choose to stay in a regular hotel room if you want to plan Maldives on a budget.

Can you take a 2 year old to the Maldives?

As for flying with a two year old, I’ve done it long haul at that age and yes, they just curl up with their legs on one parents lap, put her in the middle, gives you both a little extra room. If you can afford premium go for it, for me the extra leg room is invaluable, if not stick with economy. It’s doable.

What to Pack to Maldives with kids?


  • Sun hat – preferably with a chin strap so they can’t pull it off.
  • Swimwear – I love Sunuva for kids swimwear, it’s so cute and everything is SPF 50.
  • Swim nappy – The Happy Nappy from Splashabout is a really good option as you don’t need to wear swim nappies beneath it.

Is it worth it to stay on water villa in Maldives?

The water villa is just a few step away from your lagoon and it is worth taking a dip inside the ocean and do snorkelling. Pros: Water villas are usually said to be more romantic than beach villa due to their privacy and Villa over the sea. You have direct access to the sea and makes it easy to do your snorkelling.