Are Nippon shafts any good?

Are Nippon shafts any good?

We have tested this shaft with some of our strongest players in the past and achieved great results. So, bottom line is that these shafts have great quality and truly are consistently a mid ball flight, mid spin shaft.

Where are Nippon shafts made?

Komagane, Japan
Nippon Shaft manufactures all of its steel and graphite shafts in a state-of-the-art factory in Komagane, Japan.

How much do golf club shafts cost?

A new iron shaft and grip can range between $10 and $95 while a new driver shaft and grip can range between $18 and $440. The majority of the cost comes down to what type of shaft you want and what grips you like. The cheapest shafts you can get are somewhere around 10 bucks each.

Who makes Nippon shafts?

Nippon Shaft is a subsidiary of NHK, a Yokohama, Japan-based manufacturer of steel engine valve springs used in automobiles. Such springs must be both pliable and durable over the course of 100,000 miles. That same principle is at work when Nippon Shaft makes lightweight shafts for golf clubs.

Which pros use Nippon shafts?

Nippon Tour Players

Nippon Shafts:
Paul Casey NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120 TX and NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120 X
Scottie Scheffler NS Pro Modus3 Hybrid Tour X
Sergio Garcia NS Pro Modus3 Tour 130 X
Shane Lowry NS Pro Modus3 120 X

Does Nippon make driver shafts?

The result of combining sophisticated technology from our steel shafts and the design concepts of carbon shafts will make your golf game easier. Nippon Shaft is the only shaft manufacturer that can make matching products.

What gram shaft should I use?

The shafts in the drivers of most golfers are probably in the 60 gram bracket. These shafts are light enough to help with speed yet heavy enough to give that feeling of more stability during the swing. This shaft weight will be beneficial to most golfers out there.

Is it worth it to Reshaft irons?

Reshafting is just one way to keep your clubs performing at a high level. You can also benefit from regripping your clubs. Replacing worn-out golf grips can help make your clubs feel new again. Adding the right shaft to your favorite clubs can get you back on the course and working toward a new personal low round.

Are Nippon shafts steel or graphite?

Share on. The ground-breaking N.S.PRO ZELOS shaft combines the power, feel, and lightweight characteristics of graphite w/the stability, control, and consistency of steel – delivering increased distance, higher trajectories, and improved performance!

What are the lightest steel shafts?

The company that gave golfers the first sub-100-gram constant weight steel shaft is now releasing the world’s lightest constant weight steel shaft, the N.S.PRO Zelos 6, which checks in at a mere 68.5 grams.

What tour players use Nippon shafts?

Nippon Tour Players

Nippon Shafts:
Charles Howell III NS Pro Modus3 Tour 130
Charley Hoffman NS Pro Modus3 105 X and NS Pro Modus3 125 Wedge
Dylan Frittelli NS Pro Modus3 105 X
Henrik Stenson NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120 X

What shafts do pro golfers use?

Fujikura driver shafts are the most used by the top 100 PGA Tour players with 28 players using them including Justin Thomas, Jordan Speith, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler and Louis Oosthuizen. The Ventus Blue 6X and Ventus Black 6X shafts are the most popular individual driver shafts.

What is the lightest golf driver shaft?

What is this? 50 gram shafts are among the lightest you will see on the market. They tend to be favoured by golfers who struggle to generate clubhead speed. These shafts are often favored by junior and senior golfers, they can give a nice boost to the driving distance of these groups.

Is 75 gram shaft too heavy?

75 and 85 Gram Shafts And Who They Are For? These are generally for your stronger and better players, as they will be generating a lot of clubhead speed, the weight of the shaft helps to keep the clubhead under control during the swing.

Is an 80 gram driver shaft too heavy?

The 80-gram driver shaft is probably the heaviest you will find and is typically best for strong players who have a strong swing. The added weight will need a little bit more strength behind the swing to get distance.

Is it easy to Reshaft irons?

Golf irons can be a bit easier to reshaft than a driver. If you are reshafting with steel irons, it is usually pretty straightforward. However, you will need the proper tools and space to complete this project.

Are steel or graphite shafts better?

Historically speaking, steel shafts have been better for more advanced or higher swing speed players. Graphite has been more ideal for people with more moderate swings or players wanting maximum distance.