Are Seals and Crofts still alive?

Are Seals and Crofts still alive?

(CNN) Jim Seals, one half of 1970s soft-rock duo Seals and Crofts, has died at the age of 80, according to his family. Seals, together with musical partner Darrell “Dash” Crofts, was best known for hits such as “Summer Breeze,” “Diamond Girl” and “Get Closer.”

What happened to Dash Crofts?

Since they disbanded in 1980, Seals and Crofts briefly reunited in the early ’90s and again in 2004 when they released their final album together entitled, “Traces.” Currently, the pair live quiet lives; Dash Crofts in Costa Rica on a coffee farm and Jim Seals on a ranch in Texas.

Is Dan Seals part of Seals and Croft?

Danny Wayland Seals (February 8, 1948 – March 25, 2009) was an American musician. The younger brother of Seals and Crofts member Jim Seals, he first gained fame as one half of the soft rock duo England Dan & John Ford Coley, who charted nine singles between 1976 and 1980, including the No.

How old is Jimmy Seals?

80 years (October 17, 1941)Jim Seals / Age

How old is Jim Seals?

Where is Dan Seals from?

McCamey, TXDan Seals / Place of birthMcCamey is a city in Upton County, Texas. Its population was 1,887 at the 2010 census. The Texas legislature has declared McCamey “the Wind Energy Capital of Texas” because of the many wind farms that have been built in the area. Its history, however, is primarily that of an oil boomtown. Wikipedia

What happened to John Ford Coley?

Of late, John recorded a live album while he was on tour in the Philippines with many of the hits while also recording a CD entitled “The Best of John Ford Coley.” John is currently doing something he has longed to do for awhile by recording a brand new CD entitled “Eclectic” of all new material for an acoustic/ …

What religion are Seals and Croft?

Crofts eventually returned to California to team up with Seals again, in the Dawnbreakers, and thus both Seals and Crofts were introduced to and became members of the Baháʼí Faith. After becoming longtime adherents of Baha’i, a number of their songs began to include references to and passages from Baha’i scriptures.

Where were Seals and Crofts born?

August 14, 1940 (age 81 years), Cisco, TXDash Crofts / Born

Who is Jim Seals wife?

Ruby Jean SealsJim Seals / Wife (m. 1970)

Did Jim Seals Pass away?

Jim Seals, who as part of the duo Seals and Crofts crafted memorably wistful 1970s hits like “Summer Breeze” and “Diamond Girl,” died June 6 at age 80. His death was announced by John Ford Coley, who had formed the 1970s duo England Dan and John Ford Coley with Mr. Seals’s younger brother Dan.

Where does John Ford Coley Live?

In 1996, Coley made a trip south for Tin Pan South and began making trips to Nashville to be part of the music community. He moved his family and horses across country to Tennessee in 1999.

Was Dan Seals A Bahai?

Seals devoted more time to his family and his Baha’i faith, though he continued to record and tour; he performed at the Baha’i World Congress in 1992.

Are Seals and Crofts married?

Crofts married fellow Dawnbreaker Billie Lee Day in 1969 and Seals married Ruby Jean Anderson in 1970.