Are Tvans any good?

Are Tvans any good?

The Tvan is one of the best off-road campers on the market behind a 4WD. Its MC2 Suspension for which it’s become famous is so well-engineered other systems have spent this long catching up to it.

Who makes TVAN?

Australian Owned and Made, built by Australians for Australians. All profits stay here and enrich our community. Leading Warranty 3 years on body and build, 5 years on chassis and suspension.

How much is a track TVAN?

Model Range. With a four model range starting from $62,8200 in South Australia and stretching to $96,340 there’s something to suit almost every premium off road camper trailer buyer. This includes the standard four models of Tanami, Inspire, Zenith and Murranji, each with their own individual trim highlight colours.

How much is a TVAN?

However, while the Tvan Mk5 starts at $52,990 (not much more than the previous generation and with a higher spec), top-spec versions like the Murranji jump to $76,990, with our loaded-up test van just over $85,000 drive-away.

Where are track trailers made?

Track Trailer will continue to be proudly Australian owned and manufactured.

How much is a TVAN Zenith?

The first is the Tvan Inspire, which Track says echoes the simplicity of its original MK1, with a few modern touches. It starts at $61,150. The second is the Tvan Zenith, aimed at showcasing Track’s most recent innovations. Basically, it’s got all the fruit, and starts from $76,720.

How much is a Cub Brumby?

Our test Brumby was a standard model (from $29,490) with an Adventure Pack ($1300) and draught skirt ($225), giving it a $31,015 price-tag.

Are Blue Water campers Australian made?

Bluewater Camper Trailers is dedicated to producing high standard off road camper trailers. We use only the highest quality Australian components and offer exceptional customer service. We guarantee that we have a model to suit your needs, so explore our range of off road camper trailers today!

Where are Cub camper trailers made?

NSW, Australia
Cub has a comprehensive range of camper trailers, with each and every model manufactured in the Cub factory in NSW, Australia. The chassis is welded together using Australian Steel supplied by Blue Scope Steel.

Are Bluewater campers any good?

Outstanding campers and service. After looking at pretty much all on the market, Bluewater had the best layout, quality components and price.

How much is a Cub drifter?

Options. As we mentioned, the Cub Drifter has a starting price of $48,990, but the unit were looking at here is equipped with a huge number of optional extras.

Who builds Black Series trailers?

GIC PTY LTD is a family owned and operated business with over 11 years of camping experience. We are known for our affordability, innovation and service. Our Black Series camper trailers comply with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and Australian Design Rules.