Can I get a US phone plan as a Canadian?

Can I get a US phone plan as a Canadian?

Many Canadians are choosing a U.S. cell phone provider and cancelling their Canadian plans all together. U.S. cell phone plans are significantly more affordable than Canadian plans. They offer unlimited coverage plans in Canada, Mexico and the United States so there are no extra add-on costs when you travel.

What is TELUS North America 15 plan?

Telus is continuing to offer a $15 per month U.S. calling add-on allowing users to speak to family and friends in the U.S. with no long distance charges. The company is also offering the World 1000 add-on allowing customers to pay $25 per month for 1,000 minutes and unlimited international SMS.

Does TELUS nationwide include US?

Whether in Canada or the US, this plan includes unlimited calling, text, picture and video and messaging to phone numbers in Canada and the US. While in Canada, calling and texting phone numbers outside Canada and the US are subject to standard pay-per-use long distance rates.

Can I use My TELUS phone in USA?

With Easy Roam, you can use your phone like you do at home in the US and over 190 international destinations. For a daily fee you can use the data, texts and minutes from the same monthly rate plan you use at home when you travel. You can add a data top-up whenever you need more data just like when you’re in Canada.

What carrier does Telus use in the US?

Vancouver, B.C. – Today, TELUS announced that its IoT customers in Canada will enjoy seamless coverage throughout the United States, thanks to a roaming agreement the company has reached with AT.

Who is TELUS US roaming partner?

How much does it cost to call USA with TELUS?

Unlimited calling minutes within Canada and to the U.S. TELUS TV required in order to add this long distance plan. 300 minutes in U.S. and Canada Long Distance – $6/mo….TELUS Long Distance.

Calls within Canada 60¢/minute + airtime
Calls to the US 60¢/minute + airtime = $1/minute
Calls in the US (local) $1.50/minute + airtime

Can U.S. data plan?

Designed for the frequent US traveller, the Canada-US plan lets you enjoy all the benefits of Unlimited plans in both Canada and the US. This allows you to call, text and use data while in Canada and the US. In addition, you can call or text US phone numbers while in Canada at no extra charge.

Should I have data roaming on in the US?

You should have data roaming turned on because your phone may read the extended network as roaming even though there are no additional charges for it. The only reason you would be billed for roaming charges is if you exit the United States.

Is Telus Canadian or American?

(TCI) is the wholly owned principal subsidiary of Telus Corporation, a Canadian national telecommunications company that provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television.

Can I text someone in the US from Canada Telus?

With Easy Roam you can roam worry-free using data from your Canadian rate plan and enjoy unlimited talk and text in the US and in over 190 international destinations. You’ll only be charged the days you make a call, send a text or use data.

What does Telus nationwide mean?

Nationwide calling means you can call home without any problem and receive calls from others in Canada.