Can I own a hognose snake in Louisiana?

Can I own a hognose snake in Louisiana?

The bill was introduced on 2/28/14 by Senator Chabert and assigned to the Senate Natural Resources Committee. House Bill 4393 will ban common pet species including Boa constrictors and Hognose snakes.

How much is a hognose snake?

Common Western Hognoses cost $175 – $250 from a private breeder. Adults are typically closer to $250 and hatchlings are sometimes sold for as low as $175. Morphs such as the Lavender can cost $1,200. In addition to making sure your snake is captive bred you should handle it before purchasing.

Can I own a venomous snake in Louisiana?

– A Restricted Snake Permit is required for buyers who wish to purchase snakes 8ft or larger or venomous snakes (the purchaser has 30 days to apply for the permit.) The permit is free and can be obtained by emailing Jeff Boundy at the address listed above. – Roadside and parking lot sales are prohibited.

Do you need a license to breed snakes in Louisiana?

Anyone who is selling, breeding, or buying for resale a venomous snake must have a Reptile/Amphibian Wholesale/Retail Dealer license. To obtain a Reptile/Amphibian Wholesale/Retail Dealer license go to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries office in Baton Rouge or call 225-765-2898.

What snakes are illegal to own in Louisiana?

Constrictors and Poisonous Snakes: Reptile and Amphibian Wholesaler/Retail Dealer’s License or Possession Permit required to import or possess constrictors over 8′ (includes anacondas, boas, and the following pythons: Papuan, olive, carpet, scrub, Amethystine, Southern African rock, African rock, Burmese, reticulated) …

What reptiles are banned in Louisiana?

Prohibited Species

Eastern tiger salamander Mud salamander Southern red-backed salamander
Webster’s salamander Dusky gopher frog Hawksbill sea turtle
Kemp’s ridley sea turtle Leatherback sea turtle Gopher tortoise
Ringed map turtle Louisiana pine snake Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

Where can I get a hognose snake?

Distribution and Habitat: Hognose snakes can be found in the eastern half of the United States from southern Florida north to central New England, the Great Lakes Region, and some regions of southern Canada. These snakes are found throughout Georgia and South Carolina .

Are hognose snakes expensive?

Hognose snakes usually cost between $200-$700, depending on the morph. The super anaconda morph is usually one of the most expensive because it is really hard to breed and can take several generations to produce.

What snakes are illegal in Louisiana?

What reptiles are illegal in Louisiana?

What pets are illegal in Louisiana?

Across the state, there is a ban on owning any of the following:

  • Black Bears.
  • Grizzly Bears.
  • Polar Bears.
  • Red Wolf.
  • Gray Wolf.
  • Wolf Dog Hybrid.
  • All non-human primates.

What is the rarest hognose morph?

1. Albino Hognose Snake. The Albino Hognose snake morph is arguably unique and among the most expensive Hognose morphs. This snake does not produce melanin, which is the darkest of the three pigments you can find in a snake.

Can you have exotic animals in Louisiana?

18-7. – Wild or exotic animals as pets prohibited. No person shall keep or permit to be kept any wild, or exotic animal as a pet. Sec.

Are wolfdogs legal in Louisiana?

Wolf hybrids are legal with proof they are hybrid.

What are hognose snakes good for?

Hognose snakes are some of the best pets for reptile enthusiasts. In fact, they’re an excellent compromise snake; they’re more exotic than a gecko but less fussy than a ball python.

What is a toffee hognose?

Toffee bellies have a light, warm caramel color base with a toffee colored belly, hence the name. They also are likely to have high amounts of paradoxing. The morph is compatible with T- Albino (also called amel or amelanism) and when combined creates the Toffee Glow.