Can I use MC cable as a ground?

Can I use MC cable as a ground?

Whereas armored cable has a grounding strip in intimate contact with the inside of the metallic sheath, which can then serve as the equipment grounding conductor, MC cable has no such strip. Therefore, the outer sheath of MC cable does not qualify as an equipment grounding conductor.

What is electrical HCF?

There’s the standard AC cable and the HCF cable, designed to be the health care facilities cable. Both of these AC cables feature the ColorSpec® ID System.

Where is HCF cable used?

patient care areas
Southwire HCF MCAP® Type MC Cable is suitable for use as follows: Branch-circuit wiring for patient care areas of hospitals, medical centers, and other health care facilities (when installed in accordance with NEC® Articles 517 and 330, and mechanically protected per Article 300.4).

What is the appropriate tool used in cutting flexible armored cable?

Rotary cable cutters are a standard tool used to install Type MC and AC Cables and can be found in most electrical supply stores. The blade depth can be adjusted to prevent cutting too deep into the armor and damaging the conductors within.

What is the difference between armored cable and MC cable?

The main difference between the AC wire and the MC wire is that the metal-clad cable has a standard ground wire, whereas the AC cable relies on a jacket in combination with a wire or thin strip to secure the grounding. The metal armor can also act as a part of the earth grounding in combination with the bonding wire.

What is the difference between MC and Mcap?

The MCAPcable armor ground path is equivalent to the green copper ground in conventional MC cable. Unlike Type AC cable, the bare aluminum ground conductor increases based on the size of the copper circuit conductors just like the green ground in conventional MC Cable.

What is the purpose of hospital grade MC cable?

MC Luminary® HCF® is a hospital grade cable for patient care areas for LED and Fluorescent dimming, utilizing redundant ground per NEC 517.13.

What’s the difference between MC and AC cable?

What is AFC cable used for?

These include armored and metal clad cables, flexible wiring systems, flexible metal, non-metallic, and flexible metallic liquidtight conduits and fittings used in the construction and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, shopping centers and multifamily dwellings.

What tools cut metal conduit and armored cable?

Hacksaw – tool is used to cut metal conduit and armored cable.

What is the fire rating of MC cable?

VITALink® MC power cable is listed by UL as 2-Hour Fire Rated when installed in accordance with RSCC installation procedures and system listings. This cable meets the requirements of an “Electrical Circuit Protective System” as referred to in Articles 695 and 700 of the 2-Hour National Electrical Code (NEC).