Can sport clips do a fade?

Can sport clips do a fade?

You may not know what a medium high-fade with a blended pompadour on top is by name, but you can rest assured that our guy-smart stylists do. Trained in all the latest and classic haircuts, they can give you the cut you want.

How long does a skin fade last?

one to two weeks
A skin fade is a type of fade haircut where the hair is faded down to the skin. This type of fade is a classic look and suits almost any hair type and style. A skin fade can last anywhere from one to two weeks.

Do you tip at sports clips?

Good Service. Generally, a 15% tip is considered appropriate for your average salon visit. If you like the haircut and want to show your appreciation, you should tip 15%.

What is Sport Clips MVP?

The Varsity Haircut is upgraded to an MVP Experience at no additional charge and includes our legendary hot steamed towel, massaging shampoo and a relaxing neck and shoulder treatment.

What is the double MVP at Sport Clips?

promotion, clients will receive a double MVP Experience for the price of a regular MVP, which includes a precision haircut and twice the invigorating scalp massage, hot steamed towel treatment, and neck and shoulder massage.

How do I choose a fade?

Opt for a high fade, medium fade, or a low fade, with each offering its own look. In essence, the lower the fade, the more coverage you’re left with. So, while a high fade leaves you with a mop-top and little else, a low fade will taper subtly down your head, with the absolute shortest cut just around your ears.

What is the double and triple at Sport Clips?

It includes a great haircut, “double header” of a massaging shampoo, twice the hot steamed towel or chilled towel and double the neck and shoulder treatment. The chilled towels are a special summer option for clients who are fans of the MVP’s hot steamed towel treatment, but want their “MVP on Ice.”

What do I tell the barber for a fade?

Talk to the barber in detail about your fade before they start cutting.

  • You can say something like “I want a temple fade with a line in the back, but I want to keep it longer on the top.
  • Or you can say something like, “I want my fade to look like Lupe Fiasco’s old fade, but I want the fade to start higher on the sides”

Does Sport Clips cut beards?

Along with traditional barbershop haircuts and hair trimming, Sport Clips also offers hot steamed towels, shampoo, massaging, and relaxing treatment. They can also cut, shave or trim your beard.

Why get a haircut at Sport Clips?

Sport Clips is basically like your own man cave, where they combine great hair grooming services with an exciting sports-themed environment, where guys can watch sports on a flat-screen TV while getting their hair trimmed. When you pay for a haircut at Sport Clips, you get a lot more, a place where men feel like home.

Why choose Sport Clips clean commitment?

With our Sport Clips Clean Commitment program, feel confident and safe during your haircut service. Stylists complete coursework and practice safety and sanitation processes that are better, safer and cleaner than ever, with a commitment to recommended and required local, state and federal guidelines.

Is Sport Clips a good franchise?

With affordable prices and great services, Sport Clips has landed in the top 20 “Fastest-Growing Franchises” in the Entrepreneur magazine and in the top 50 Franchises. Sport Clips are also known for their charity events.