Can stored procedure return multiple result sets?

Can stored procedure return multiple result sets?

Stored procedures contain IN and OUT parameters or both. They may return result sets in case you use SELECT statements. Stored procedures can return multiple result sets.

How can we retrieve multiple result sets from a stored procedure in Jdbctemplate?

You can use the resultSet. getMetaData() method to work out what columns are in the data: ResultSetMetaData meta = resultSet. getMetaData(); int colcount = meta.

How do I call a stored procedure in MyBatis?

to call a stored procedure usgin mybatis/ibatis 3 you will have to follow some tips:

  1. must set the statement type to callable.
  2. must use the jdbc standard escape sequence for stored procedures: { call xxx (parm1, parm2) }
  3. must set the mode of all parameters ( in, out, inout )

Can we use two resultSet in Java?

I suggest opening a second resultset will close the first one because since I do the first resultset, store the data in an arraylist and close it and afterwards the second it would work, but that leads to a poor performance because I have to search always in the arraylist.

How can we get multiple result sets from a stored procedure using Entity Framework?

In order to get multiple result sets working we need to drop to the ObjectContext API by using the IObjectContextAdapter interface. Once we have an ObjectContext then we can use the Translate method to translate the results of our stored procedure into entities that can be tracked and used in EF as normal.

How do I return multiple result sets with SqlCommand?

Advances the data reader to the next result [set], when reading the results of batch Transact-SQL statements. Other examples: C# Multiple Result Sets. Executing a Query That Returns Multiple Result Sets with SqlDataReader : SqlCommand Select « ADO.Net « C# / CSharp Tutorial.

What can be used to return multiple result sets?

A procedure can return more than one result set to the calling environment. By default, Interactive SQL does not show multiple result sets. To enable multiple result set functionality, you can use the Options window in Interactive SQL, or you can execute a SQL statement to set the isql_show_multiple_result_sets option.

How can I return multiple values from a stored procedure in SQL Server?

In order to fetch the multiple returned values from the Stored Procedure, you need to make use of a variable with data type and size same as the Output parameter and pass it as Output parameter using OUTPUT keyword. You can also make use of the Split function to split the comma separated (delimited) values into rows.

What is result map in MyBatis?

The resultMap element is the most important and powerful element in MyBatis. It’s what allows you to do away with 90% of the code that JDBC requires to retrieve data from ResultSet s, and in some cases allows you to do things that JDBC does not even support.

Can we use nested ResultSet in Java?

The JDBC Nested Result Set is the simplest join algorithm. In this case for each tuple in the outer join relation, the entire inner join is scanned and the tuple matches the join condition are finally added to the result set. Import a package java.

What is set Fmtonly off in stored procedure?

When SET FMTONLY is OFF (the default), SQL Server processes control-of-flow statements normally. In the case of an IF statement, SQL Server determines which conditional expression evaluates to true and then executes the code associated with that expression.

How can we return multiple result sets in stored procedure using Entity Framework?

What are multiple active result sets?

Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) is a feature that allows the execution of multiple batches on a single connection. In previous versions, only one batch could be executed at a time against a single connection. Executing multiple batches with MARS does not imply simultaneous execution of operations.

How can I return multiple values in SQL?

Generally SQL Server functions will return only one parameter value if we want to return multiple values from function then we need to send multiple values in table format by using table valued functions.

What is useGeneratedKeys in MyBatis?

useGeneratedKeys. (insert and update only) This tells MyBatis to use the JDBC getGeneratedKeys method to retrieve keys generated internally by the database (e.g. auto increment fields in RDBMS like MySQL or SQL Server).