Can the thermostat stop the radiator fan from working?

Can the thermostat stop the radiator fan from working?

If this thermostat doesn’t open when the engine reaches the working temperature, the coolant will stay inside the engine block and the engine will start to overheat. This will result in the radiator fan not working.

How do you test a radiator fan?

How to Test Radiator Fan with Multimeter

  1. Locate the fan on your car.
  2. Remove the fan motor connector.
  3. Identify the terminals that supply current to the motor.
  4. Set the multimeter to read volts by moving the rotary switch.
  5. Connect the multimeter probes to the terminals on the connector.
  6. Check the multimeter.

How to fix a radiator fan that has stopped working?

Replacing the relay could fix your radiator fan from having stopped working. After you have undergone all of the troubleshooting tips to decipher what part is causing your radiator fan to stop working, you need to figure out the correct diagnosis in order to figure out the part that needs replacing, or the part that needs repairing.

Can you drive with a bad radiator fan?

Most cars have the radiator fan mounted directly on the radiator, making it simple to replace. If you are skilled with basic automotive tools and have some general expertise, you might be able to change the radiator fan yourself and save on the labor costs. However, you should never drive with a failing radiator fan.

What are the signs of a bad radiator fan?

Signs of a Bad Radiator Fan 1 No Whirring Noise from the Engine Bay The radiator fan makes a noticeable noise during operation. 2 Rising Temperature Gauge If the radiator fan is no longer working, the coolant does not cool down. 3 Coolant Evaporates

Why is my coolant fan not working on my car?

Because the radiator fan is often drawing so much power, there is often a relay that is powering the coolant fan. Of course, this relay can get damaged, which will cause the radiator fan to not coming on. The fan relay is often located in the engine bay’s fuse box, but the best way is to check your repair manual to find where it is located.