Can you bait deer in NJ?

Can you bait deer in NJ?

Hunters may now permanently use bait in the form of agricultural products, salt or other edible lures while hunting white-tailed deer in New Jersey. Individuals may hunt from blinds, elevated stands or other structures and may be any distance from a baited area.

What are the dates for deer hunting in New Jersey?

Fall Bow, September 10 (Early Zones Only, Regulation Sets #4-8)

  • Youth Deer Bow Hunt, September 24.
  • Fall Bow, October 1 (Statewide)
  • Permit Bow Season, October 29.
  • Youth Deer Firearm Hunt, November 19.
  • Permit Shotgun/Muzzleloader, November 21 (Varies by zone)
  • Six-day Firearm Season, December 5-10.
  • Winter Bow, January 1, 2023.
  • Can you hunt deer in your backyard in NJ?

    The state has one of the nation’s longest deer hunting seasons, from mid-September to mid-February, and a licensed hunter can hunt deer virtually anywhere with a public or private property owner’s permission, unless the land has anti-hunting restrictions, Stanko said.

    Is it illegal to feed deer on your property in New Jersey?

    ” The bills prohibit intentional feeding of deer or “storing pet food, agricultural materials, salt, garbage or other deer attractants in a manner that will result in deer feedings when deer are known to frequent the area.”

    Can you bait deer in NJ on public land?

    Baiting for deer is legal except where prohibited by the landowner.

    Is deer season open in NJ?

    And, the state’s size doesn’t mean it’s low on wildlife — during the 2020-2021 deer season, hunters bagged close to 55,000 deer….New Jersey Deer Seasons.

    Archery Sept. 11-Oct. 29** and Oct. 30-Jan. 31
    Youth Archery Sept. 25
    Firearm Dec. 6-11
    Youth Firearm Nov. 20

    Where is the best deer hunting in New Jersey?

    For top-end buck potential, focus on Morris, Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer, and Monmouth counties. Monmouth County seems to be the hotbed for nontypical bucks, accounting for two of the state’s four nontypical B&C entries and producing a 182 6/8-inch deer. Crossbows are legal during New Jersey’s entire archery season.

    Can you hunt on your own land without a license in NJ?

    All hunters must obtain permission to hunt on private property and written permission to hunt within the 450 feet safety zone. The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife has provided a Hunter Landowner Courtesy Card (in this manual and in the digest) for you to use when obtaining permission to hunt.

    Are deer overpopulated in NJ?

    Deer overpopulation is felt statewide. Each year, deer consume an estimated $15 million of agricultural crops from local farms, with 50 percent of Garden State farmers claiming harvest loss to the animal. And, as their population continues to increase, it becomes that much harder for the farmers to recover.

    Are deer salt licks illegal?

    Again, it is illegal to use salt/mineral blocks to attract deer for the purpose of hunting. Even after this product has dissolved into the soil, that location is still considered “baited,” as deer will still be attracted to that area to consume the product that has leeched into the soil.

    When should you start baiting deer?

    “I start baiting a stand seven to 10 days before I plan to hunt it,” he said. “I learned a long time ago that if you start baiting for a longer period of time, the deer go nocturnal, especially the mature bucks.

    What hunting season is it right now in New Jersey?

    Archery Deer Seasons 2021–22

    Season Regulation Set Dates
    Winter Bow 6 Jan. 1–31, 2022
    5 Jan. 1–31, 2022

    Is it against the law to feed deer in NJ?

    How long do deer live in NJ?

    The maximum life expectancy of a deer could exceed twenty years. (A fawn ear-tagged in the southern New Jersey Pinelands was recovered 18½ years later during the 1986 permit muzzleloader season. This may be the oldest tagged or verifiable aged specimen from the wild).