Can you buy nematodes?

Can you buy nematodes?

Nematodes can be purchased online, in big box stores, or at garden centers.

How many beneficial nematodes do I need?

BioLogic Company recommends treating at a fairly high application rate, about 25,000 nematodes per square foot, to ensure effective control.

When should I add nematodes to my garden?

How Often Should Nematodes Be Applied? Nematodes are recommended for use whenever larvae or grubs are present. Generally, this is during the spring and fall months. Because larvae feed on plant roots, beneath the soil surface, severe damage can be done before realizing there is a problem.

What is the best time to apply nematodes?

It’s a good idea to apply your nematodes during low light periods (morning or evening are best). It is very important that you mix and apply your nematodes quickly so they don’t ‘expire’ in the can. You want to insure the nematodes have a chance to get into the soil before the water is evaporated.

What nematodes should I buy?

Beneficial Nematodes (Scanmask®) hunt and destroy over 230 different pests including fleas, fungus gnats, black vine weevils and grubs. (888) 349-0605 M-F: 10-7 EST (888) 349-0605

Where to buy nematodes locally?

Timing Must be Precise. Although application with a garden hose and sprayer is relatively easy,gardeners can’t simply apply nematodes to the landscape whenever they feel like it and expect

  • Pests Must be Targeted.
  • Proper Storage and Handling is Required.
  • Environmental Conditions Play an Important Role.
  • Results and Cost.
  • Where to buy beneficial nematode?

    Is the product durable?

  • Is the product easy to use?
  • What are the dimensions of the product?
  • Are nematodes bad for a yard?

    Nematodes can help gardeners defend against beetles, caterpillars, cutworms, crown borers, corn rootworms, crane flies, fungus gnats, grubs, and thrips. They will not have an effect on beneficial organisms such as earthworms, plants, animals, or humans, so they are a natural way to defend against pests that’s good for the environment.