Can you download ups WorldShip?

Can you download ups WorldShip?

You can obtain the newest version of WorldShip® immediately by selecting Download WorldShip below. This version of WorldShip supports Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating systems. Note: To use UPS OnLine WorldShip software, you must have a UPS account number.

How do I force a UPS WorldShip to update?

Select the Auto Upgrade Feature checkbox to enable the WorldShip automatic upgrade. Under the WorldShip Upgrade Now Notification Message, select End of Day or Start-up for when WorldShip should notify you of a pending upgrade. Under Install WorldShip Updates, set the time for WorldShip to apply updates.

How do I download ups WorldShip to a new computer?

Start WorldShip.

  1. Select Import/Export Data from the toolbar. Choose Create/Edit Map…
  2. Note the names and exact spellings of each entry displayed under the “Map ODBC DSN” column. These entries are ODBC DSN names.
  3. Close WorldShip. Return to Step 3: Back Up WorldShip Data Using the WorldShip Support Utility.

How do I transfer WorldShip to another computer?

Once you install WorldShip on your new computer, you can select this backup file and continue using your existing data.

  1. Launch the WorldShip application on the computer that holds the data you want to transfer.
  2. Click Browse to choose a folder to save the backup files, and then press OK.
  3. Press Backup.

How do I reinstall WorldShip?

How do I back up, restore, or create a new UPS WorldShip database…

  1. Shut down WorldShip®.
  2. Navigate to the Start button.
  3. Select Programs/All Programs->UPS->UPS WorldShip Support Utility.
  4. Select Data Maintenance.
  5. Under Database Operations, select Backup.
  6. Browse to the location where the database is to be backed up.

Is there a WorldShip 2021?

WorldShip 2021 may have different system requirements. A complete list can be found at (US only). Note: WorldShip 2021 will only upgrade WorldShip 2019 (v22) and WorldShip 2020 (v23).