Can you snorkel Lady Elliot Island?

Can you snorkel Lady Elliot Island?

Snorkelling on the reef surrounding Lady Elliot island is easily accessible straight off the beaches or book on to one of our daily glass bottom boat/guided snorkel tours or snorkel safaris. Lonely Planet voted Lady Elliot Island #2 of the ‘7 best beaches for snorkelling around the world’ in 2020.

Are there stingers on Lady Elliot Island?

Are there stingers around Lady Elliot? Unlike islands further north, Lady Elliot Island is not affected by the stinger season and it is safe to swim all year round.

Are there sharks at Lady Elliot Island?

Lady Elliot Island, located 80km off the east coast of Bundaberg, is a hot spot for large mega-fauna including manta rays, migrating humpback whales, reef sharks and at times larger sharks including tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks and bronze whalers due to the Islands close proximity to the continental shelf.

Is Lady Elliot Island a coral cay?

Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay located at the southern tip of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef.

What is there to do on Lady Elliot Island?

Top things to do on Lady Elliot Island

  • Meet a manta ray. Lady Elliot is one of the top five destinations on Earth for diving with manta rays.
  • Explore the island trails.
  • Take a turtle tour.
  • Explore the reef on foot.
  • Go scuba diving in paradise.
  • Stay at an eco resort.
  • See the reef come alive at night.

What is snorkel safari?

The Snorkel Safari is a one-hour snorkelling tour tailored to our advanced snorkellers. Our in-water guide will use their local knowledge, considering seasons and conditions, to take you through some of our best snorkelling locations where you are most likely to find animals such as sharks, turtles and manta rays.

What is the best time of year to visit Lady Elliot Island?

Lady Elliot is known as the “Home of the Manta Ray” for good reason, we see these gentle giants year-round. The best time of year to spot one is during winter, roughly from June until September. This year, we saw a huge number of individuals with at least 40 + in one day!

What is Lady Elliot Island famous for?

Lady Elliot Island is a sanctuary to over 1,200 species of marine life and known for its large populations of giant manta rays and turtles. It’s also known for a commitment to sustainability through its use of renewable energy, invasive species eradication and other notable initiatives.

Are there tiger sharks in the Great Barrier Reef?

There are many different species of sharks found in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef ranging from small bottom-dwelling sharks such as wobbegongs to larger types such as tiger sharks and the distinctive hammerhead shark that has a nose shaped like the letter ‘t’.

Are great white sharks at the Great Barrier Reef?

The Pacific Ocean is a large body of water, so although it contains Great Whites, Hammerheads, and Tiger sharks, it’s very unlikely that they will come to the Great Barrier Reef.

When can you see manta rays on Lady Elliot Island?

Lady Elliot is known as the “Home of the Manta Ray” for good reason, we see these gentle giants year-round. The best time of year to spot one is during winter, roughly from June until September.

Are Safari snorkels worth it?

We are really happy with both of the safari snorkels we’ve had, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else. Yes, you pay a bit more, but its not that much more than the competitors for a product that is clearly class leading.

Which is better heron or Lady Elliot?

Heron’s resort is larger and slightly more flash than Lady Elliot’s but the cay itself is smaller – 20 minutes takes you full circle (Lady Elliot takes 45 minutes). Both islands are basically lush pisonia forest skirted by beach and coral lagoon. Both are alive with seabirds – noddies, terns and shearwaters.

What is the water temperature at Lady Elliot Island?

Analysis and forecast for Lady Elliot Island water temperatures. The water temperature in Lady Elliot Island today is lower than the average temperature of 23.39° C (74.1° F) and the temperature on this day last year, 19th June 2021, was 23.23° C (73.81° F).

Does anyone live on Lady Elliot Island?

It is a premier dive site in Australia renown for it’s manta rays, turtles, and whales. There are approximately 30 people working and living on Lady Elliot Island.

Are there hammerhead sharks in the Great Barrier Reef?

Can you snorkel off the beach at Lady Musgrave Island?

What’s So Special About Lady Musgrave Island? Lady Musgrave Island is one of the only islands in the entire Great Barrier Reef where you can either go on a day trip or camp over night, dive, swim and snorkel all in one place.