Can you surf at Punta Islita?

Can you surf at Punta Islita?

The beaches of Punta Islita and Corozalito are not surf spots. The waves could pick up from time to time, making it fun to ride, but it is really a better spot for other water sports like stand up paddle boarding or ocean kayaking.

What airport is closest to Punta Islita?

Nearest Airports to Punta Islita Airport

  • Guanacaste Airport – (39.64 Km / 24.63 Miles)
  • Tambor Airport – (40.96 Km / 25.45 Miles)
  • Playa Samara Airport – (44.08 Km / 27.39 Miles)
  • Guanacaste Airport – (51.4 Km / 31.94 Miles)
  • Las Canas Airport – (68.25 Km / 42.41 Miles)

Is Puerto Viejo good for surfing?

Legendary Surfing While surfing is excellent throughout the town’s beaches, many surfers visit Puerto Viejo for the sole purpose of riding the surf break known as Salsa Brava. In fact, it’s considered the most intense wave in Costa Rica. The area is known to have some of the best waves in Costa Rica.

When can you surf in Puerto Viejo?

The air is hot all year round, the water warm, and the best time for waves is January to April. All the beaches are popular with the locals on the weekends. Puerto Viejo can be a party town, so be careful late at night if you are on your own.

Which side of Costa Rica is better for surf?

Pacific side
Which side of Costa Rica is best for surfing? We would recommend the Pacific side. If you do surf on the Caribbean Coast, it will likely be on the Southern Caribbean at Salsa Brava or Playa Cocles. When the surf is good, there can be lots of crowds.

Can you surf the Caribbean side of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean coast teems with excellent surf spots, from beginner to pro-level. Puerto Viejo and Cahuita are both well-placed to check them out. Any surfer will find both Puerto Viejo and Cahuita super chilled and laid back. The warm water and waves are almost never crowded.

Can you swim in Guanacaste Costa Rica?

Playa Hermosa Guanacaste’s Playa Hermosa rounds out my list, and it’s one of the best beaches on the province for swimming. A gray sand beach located in north Guanacaste just off Route 159, Hermosa is one of the most relaxing stretches of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.