Do Bellroy make good wallets?

Do Bellroy make good wallets?

Bellroy makes some of the best wallets and accessories the Insider Reviews team has ever tested. Because Bellroy was one of our earliest reviews, we decided to retest its products. We’re glad to report that we remain impressed with the quality and value of the products.

Is Bellroy an Australian company?

Bellroy is an Australian accessories brand making carry goods, including bags, folios, wallets, pouches, mobile phone cases, and key covers. It is a certified B Corporation.

Are Bellroy wallets made in China?

Currently, makers in China, India and The Philippines offer the best balance of quality workmanship and value we’ve been able to source, so this is where all of our products come to life.

Are Bellroy cases drop proof?

The case frame doesn’t seem like it could handle a drop impact, so I would be worried about it cracking. However the face of the case has a lip around the edges. Therefore, if your phone is lying face down and drags or slides, it will help protect the face enough to prevent damage to the front of your phone.

Is Bellroy waterproof?

The bag’s main exterior is made of Bellroy’s Venture Weave fabric, which is tightly woven polyester that the brand says is water-resistant and easy to clean. To make sure your stuff stays dry, the zip pockets on each side are also water-resistant along with the leather accents on the outside of the bag.

Does Bellroy use YKK zippers?

They use a YKK zipper which is very smart. It runs a little rough, but that’s okay. It is made from environmentally certified top grain veg tanned leather which smells great. It has a polyester lining which will last quite a while.

Are Bellroy cases good?

As a quick card access cell phone wallet, the Bellroy 3 Card Phone Case is very competent. Clean lines and easy to use, the only downside is you can’t wireless charge and the button cut outs are a little deep.

Is Bellroy a MagSafe?

With this new Mod Phone Case, Bellroy applies the same design of its past iPhone cases but adds a MagSafe compatible magnet on the back to attach an external wallet. There are also two very noticeable grooves on the back of the case to keep the magnetic wallet secured.

Is Bellroy leather real?

Your Bellroy is made from leathers that age gracefully, and develop unique character over time – the best leathers we can find. So that after years of your pocket-dives, hand-holds, note-passes and card-grabs, your Bellroy is like no other. All Bellroy products are built to last, and backed by our three-year warranty.

Is Bellroy unisex?

The Bellroy Sling is a unisex bag that can be worn across your chest, over your back, or conveniently over your shoulder. It has 7 liters of storage space and a compactible design for when you don’t need to use the full capacity.