Does Daytona Beach have a downtown?

Does Daytona Beach have a downtown?

Located in downtown Daytona Beach, the Riverfront Shops offers more than 60 shops, restaurants, attractions and services on Beach Street between Orange Avenue and Bay Street. For a store directory and more information on upcoming events in downtown Daytona Beach, visit the Riverfront Shops of Daytona Beach’s website.

What is considered downtown Daytona Beach?

Come spend a delightful day in Downtown Daytona Beach’s historic Beach Street retail area located between Bay Street and Orange Avenue. You’ll enjoy new flavors, treasures, experiences and events – as well as our signature Downtown Farmers’ Market.

Why is Daytona Beach famous?

Made famous for its wide beach and smooth, hard-packed sands, Daytona Beach became widely known in the early 1900s for high-speed automobile testing, and later, racing. This made the beach a mecca for racing enthusiasts.

Is Daytona Beach Boardwalk free?

11) Daytona Beach Boardwalk This iconic Daytona Beach landmark offers free fun for all ages.

Does Daytona Beach have Boardwalk?

Daytona Beach Boardwalk & Pier The Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier is the place to be for family fun! It features Ocean Walk Shoppes and the Daytona Beach Bandshell, gift shops, snack bars, restaurants, and a classic arcade – with ever popular Skee Ball and video game favorites – day or night!

Can you drink alcohol on the beach in Daytona?

No. You can’t bring any alcohol bottles or disposable cups with alcohol onto the beaches of Daytona Beach as it’s completely prohibited. But there are plenty of watering holes on the boardwalk to grab a cold one or a cocktail.

Is Daytona a party town?

Daytona Beach There is an array of party places at the Daytona Beach such as the Full Moon Saloon, Razzle’s, and Boothill Saloon. There are many dance spots that stay open all night till the sun comes up.

What Daytona Beach is known for?

Does Ormond Beach have a downtown?

Nearly 3000 employees work in the downtown area, which also serves as the city center and is home to City Hall, the public library, the central police station, parks and historical sites.