Does Lakeshore have free shipping?

Does Lakeshore have free shipping?

Does Lakeshore Learning Offer Free Shipping? Free shipping is available for in-store pickup orders only. Most orders to the contiguous United States incur a 15% shipping fee with a minimum cost of $6.99 associated.

Does Duluth Trading have free shipping?

The best savings we’ve seen for apparel and accessories at Duluth Trading has been a 20% off coupon and free shipping on your orders $75 or more.

How long does it take for swim outlet to ship? Shipping Options

Under $49 Delivery
Standard $4.99 2-6 Days

Does Lakeshore give teacher discount?

Teacher Discount Summary Lakeshore Learning offers teachers a 15% discount. Lakeshore Learning offers educational materials, arts and crafts, free activities, and other school supplies for preschool and elementary classrooms.

Does Lakeshore Learning do Cyber Monday?

Yes, Lakeshore Learning Materials offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

How long is Duluth Shipping?

4-7 days
Choose “Ship to Store” and have your order shipped free to any of our retail stores. Normal delivery time is 4-7 days, and we will contact you when your order is ready for pickup.

Can you bring dogs into Duluth Trading?

Carla Bowling‎Duluth Trading Company We only allow Service Dogs into our stores at this time.

What does manufacturer direct mean?

Manufacturer direct items are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. These items are available to ship within the United States, however, only select items can ship internationally.

What does manufacturer direct item mean?

What is a Manufacturer Direct item? We’ve introduced Manufacturer Direct, a collection of items that are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer in order to offer you a full selection of handpicked products.

Where do Ontario teachers get discounts?

Edvantage: Edvantage is a savings program that offers Ontario teachers discounts and promotions from over 50 business partners in education, home & office, health & fitness, and shopping. This program is free to join with your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) membership (source).

Does Target offer teacher discounts?

Target, 15% off To get the one-time discount, teachers need to be signed up for the free Target Circle rewards program. A list of eligible products for the discount can be found on Target’s website. Certain products are excluded from the discount, such as backpacks, clearance items, electronics and lunch bags.

What gets shipped out of Duluth MN?

During Duluth’s shipping season cargo ships from all over the world arrive and depart from Lake Superior Harbor carrying anything from wheat and salt to iron ore and other scrap metal. Be on the lookout for the “Lakers” and the “Salties” which are the 2 main types of boats you will see.

How deep is the Duluth Ship Canal?

The project depths are 28 to 32 feet in the entrance; 27 feet deep in the iron-ore route channels, and 20 to 23 feet in the inner channels. There are two piers at the Duluth Entry and there are four piers at the Superior Entry.