Does Meredith ever have feelings for Alex?

Does Meredith ever have feelings for Alex?

As far as relationships go, “love” as we know it has yet to officially blossom between Meredith and Alex. As things currently stand, Alex is actually in a relationship with girlfriend Jo Wilson.

What did Alex say about Meredith?

“You always said Cristina was your person, then I was your person,” Karev tells Meredith. “But you were your own damn person — a force of freaking nature.

What episode does Meredith kiss Alex?

“Got to Be Real” is the third episode of the eleventh season (223rd episode overall) of the American television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Who is Alex Karev’s best friend?

From the very beginning of Grey’s Anatomy, Alex Karev and Meredith Grey shared a weird and twisted connection, which eventually evolved into a healthy and affectionate friendship. Of the first set of interns, Meredith had initially gravitated towards Cristina but had a good dynamic with Alex as well.

Do Alex and Mer ever kiss?

The frame that packs the biggest punch? Alex planting a kiss on Mer’s forehead. “It is as terrifying and as shocking as you would expect for it to be,” Kelly McCreary, who plays Mer’s half-sister Maggie, recently previewed of the Denzel Washington-directed epiosode.

Why did Alex leave Meredith?

Chambers unexpectedly announced his departure from the series in January, saying in a statement to The Times that he “hoped to diversify my acting roles and career choices.” His last appearance on the show came in November’s “My Shot,” which featured patients from the annals of “Grey’s” coming to Meredith’s defense as …

What was Karev’s last scene?

Leave a Light On (Grey’s Anatomy)

“Leave a Light On”
Grey’s Anatomy episode
An episodic screenshot displaying Stevens and Karev sleeping with their 2 children, Alexis and Eli.
Episode no. Season 16 Episode 16
Directed by Debbie Allen

Who gets the first solo surgery?

A solo surgery is the first surgery a second-year resident gets to do on their own. The first one is usually awarded to the best resident and chosen by the surgical attendings.