Does putting Vaseline on your driver Help?

Does putting Vaseline on your driver Help?

Short answer? Yes. Any kind of grease on the face (Vaseline, sunscreen, ChapStick, etc.) will reduce the sidespin you create with a bad swing—which means the ball won’t curve as much.

Does Chapstick work golf?

Chapsticking The Driver The same thing can happen in golf. Using something like chapstick on your clubface will actually reduce a lot of the spin. When you have less spin you’ll have fewer hooks and slices.

What does Chapstick do to a driver?

By putting sunscreen, chapstick, Vaseline, or other similar substances onto the face of the driver the player could reduce unwanted spin. This was especially helpful for a popular, fade-hitting major-winner on Tour.

Do most golfers cheat?

Lots of times golfers break the rules unknowingly. Other times golfers make the executive decision not to abide by certain rules because this game is hard enough anyway, so why not give yourself a bit of a break? I do it, you do it; almost every golfer does it.

Can you use WD40 on golf grips?

Some people will use WD40 when they are regripping golf clubs. WD-40 is not the best solution to use as a grip solvent because it is priced a bit higher than other choices, but it will work. You can use the WD-40 to remove grip tape from golf clubs, and then you can use it as the solvent when you put a new grip on.

Should I clean the grooves on my golf clubs?

This is the most important step in cleaning your clubs, as removing dirt and debris from the grooves will help increase surface area contact with your golf ball at impact, which is how the grooves impart spin to give you added control.

What do you call a cheater in golf?

And most golf cheaters break down into common types: The Eraser; the “I-Would-Have-Made-That-Anyway” line dropper; the Balldropper; the Bumpers, Foot-Wedgers and Hand-Wedgers; the Sandbagger; the Play-By-Their-Own-Rulesers; and the Doesn’t-Know-the-Rules Guy. Continue reading to meet the cheats! of 08.

What can I use instead of golf grip solvent?

Paint Thinner / Mineral Spirits Paint thinner or Mineral Spirits are cheap alternatives to grip solvent and also dry quickly. Like grip solvent, the mineral spirits will lubricate double-sided tape allowing you to work the grip over the shaft so that it adheres.