Does The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have an after credits scene?

Does The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have an after credits scene?

Much has already been made about the fact that there is no formal post-credits stinger after The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Instead of a tease for the third film or another Spidey spinoff, fans were treated to a clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past thanks to a deal between Sony and Fox.

Who is the post credit scene in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique
The scene sees Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique infiltrate a US Army camp in Vietnam, disguised as a general. She does a bit of fighting, liberates the mutant conscripts who are interned there, and reverts to her Lawrence look. After a title card, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 credits resume.

Who was the man in the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man?

The character was also able to get in and out of the cell without anyone noticing. The name of the person in the shadows in real life is Michael Massee. Here is the scene if anyone wants to see it.

Who is the villain at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Gustav Fiers
At the time of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, the man’s identity was a secret, so he was simply credited as “Man in the shadows”. His identity was later revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where he was also credited as “Gustav Fiers (The Gentleman)”.

What happens at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

At the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a depressed Peter Parker, despondent over the death of Gwen Stacy at the hands of Harry Osborn/New Goblin (Dane DeHaan), quits being Spider-Man.

Who is in TASM post credits?

Dr. Curt Connors
An Easter egg or after-credits scene of course makes sense for Amazing Spider-Man — and we in fact do get one in the middle of the end credits of the new film. But what does it mean exactly? The brief scene features Dr. Curt Connors, the once and future Lizard, who has now been imprisoned.

Did Aunt May Find Out Peter is Tobey?

So, in answer to the question at the top of this post, from what is made clear on screen, Aunt May did not know that Peter is Spider-Man. However, movies are open to interpretation, meaning it is possible to view scenes a little differently to how they appear on screen.

Does Aunt May forget Peter?

Peter certainly does make a sacrifice, losing Aunt May before agreeing to let Strange wipe his memory from existence. While Spider-Man still exists, everyone in the MCU forgets Peter Parker.

Does Aunt May know in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

No, she does not know…but in the film they do kind of make you think she might think something is up, but overall to her he’s just a teenage boy going through a rough patch.