Does the first Corvette still exist?

Does the first Corvette still exist?

Of the three cars in those famous June 1953 photographs of the first Corvettes coming off the Flint, Michigan, assembly line, only one still exists. But it now exists as two separate cars.

How much is the oldest Corvette?

Inflation alone would push that price up to about $35,000 in 2022 dollars, but some early 1953 Corvettes (which are extremely collectible) have sold at auction in recent years for more than $1 million. “The first Corvette went into production in Flint, Michigan, on June 30, 1953.

What kind of car was the corvette in 1953?

Although its designers wanted Chevy’s sports car to be destined for greatness with a stylish and sleek design, the original 1953 Corvette had bare-bones options and trim, C/D reports. It would take time for the Vette to launch itself to the status it enjoys today. But its appeal is indubitable. What is a 1953 Corvette worth today?

Where do I find the VIN number on a 1953 Corvette?

For all 1953 Corvettes, the location of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), body style, body number trim, and paint combination can be found on the instrument panel brace under the glove box. Read more: 1953 Corvette VINs.

How many 1953 Corvettes are still alive today?

Of the first 300 1953 Corvettes, approximately 225 are still known to exist today. Each fiberglass body began as 46 separate pieces that were supplied by the Molded Fiber Glass Company in Ashtabula, Ohio. Workers had to fit all of these into wooden jigs, then glue them together into the larger subassemblies.

How much did a corvette cost in the 1950s?

It’s useful to note that other cars in the early 1950s cost around $1,500, Reader’s Digest reports. So even though its original MSRP and adjusted price might not seem like a lot, a Corvette was potentially twice as expensive as a typical car.