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Probably each of us had a moment when it was necessary to write and submit an essay, but there was no time to write. Or there is a time, and there is an idea, but you can’t find the right words to convey your thoughts to the readers. Also, work, study and other projects can interfere and distract you. Essay writing services exist exactly for such cases.

Custom essay writing services take full responsibility for the work. Of course, it’s all done for a fee. However, Internet searching shows that many sites provide the same services, but not all of these resources are legal. They receive complaints, in particular, such as poor evaluation of work, untimely execution of the task, copying, etc. So how can we find a really good essay writing service? Pay attention to criteria such as:


Good service always offers samples for viewing. It’s a very important indicator to determine the level of abilities and professionalism. Samples of texts must be performed in different genres, styles and directions. This will show how literate and expert the authors are in writing work.


There is a list of several top writing services. Check their ratings, read reviews, view samples of their work. Do not pursue a low price, a truly high-quality work requires time and resources, the payment for it must be appropriate. Imagine yourself as a writer, how much would you take for your work?

Opportunity to choose your writer

A suggestion to choose the author inspires confidence. It involves direct communication between two sides and, as a result, the ability to understand what the writer does. Thanks to this, it is also possible to clarify some points in the course of work, it is more convenient than redoing everything later.

Support services

A professional essay writing service  should also provide free services for editing work, such as cancelling irrelevant and repetitive parts of the essay, eliminating spelling, grammatical and punctuational errors, etc.

Also, you can rely on the advice and choice of your colleagues, relatives and friends. They will certainly tell you the best option if they were faced with a problem like yours.

Here are some tips on how to choose the essay writing service right:

  1. The site is good if it offers the choice of the author, a direct link with him, fast response to the order, short deadlines, reasonable cost of work and a guarantee for works. This should be indicated on the main page or menu.
  2. Do not be alarmed if on another site the price of doing the work is higher, this, on the contrary, speaks o the quality. On average, the minimum price of the finished essay is about three dollars.
  • Work time should also be not too short. It will take at least three or four hours to write a really good essay. Also, among other things, your chosen author should quickly respond to your request. If he answers for a long time, perhaps the site is not that professional.
  1. The ability to choose the author and communicate with him is required! After all, you need an essay, sustained in a certain style, which is close to you, competently constructed and corrected according to your desire, where necessary.
  2. The service for correcting shortcomings of work must be present on the site and at the same time be free of charge. Otherwise, doubts about the integrity and honesty of its owners creep in immediately.
  3. There must be reviews on the essay writing service, and ideally, there must also be examples of work. If there are no reviews, you can safely leave the site, you can not order an essay here in no case.
  • A really good essay writing service should provide its clients with a guarantee of work. This means that if the essay did not pass the test and received an unsatisfactory grade, you have every right to get your money back.

In my opinion, I would reason when choosing an essay writing service like this. If the work costs less than four dollars, I would not order it. I would give the author at least four or five hours to do the work. I would choose the author based on personal communication and specific examples of his work. And, of course, I would clarify the warranty period.

Decide for yourself which criteria is more important for you, leave your order, discuss the details with the author you chose, and, the most importantly, check the finished work before you pay for it. Then you definitely can’t go wrong and successfully pass your essay.


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