How big does a dappled willow bush get?

How big does a dappled willow bush get?

Dappled willows grow at a fast rate of 2-3 feet per year, achieving their maximum growth of 8-10 feet in just a few seasons. Their maximum width is also 8-10 feet, giving them a nice rounded shape that works extremely well as a privacy hedge when planted in a row.

Is a dappled willow a tree or a bush?

Plant Description: The Dappled Willow is a tri-color shrub that is sometimes large enough to resemble a tree, and it is adored for its spectacular variegated foliage which emerges pink and evolves into pink, white, and green. Leaves can grow up to four inches long and are lance-shaped.

How do you care for a dappled willow bush?

Dappled willow trees have high requirements for moisture. When they’re young, you’ll want to water them deeply twice a week. You should feel moisture in the soil at least two inches down. As the tree ages, you can water it less frequently, giving it one inch of water once every week.

Does dappled willow spread?

Willow roots in general grow very fast, just like the willow plant. They can grow several feet per year and will usually spread equal to their height (a mature ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ may reach about 10 feet). In general, willow roots are invasive and can exceed the width of the tree’s branches as much as 3 to 4 times.

Why is my dappled willow dying?

The spots you are seeing are a characteristic of fungal infection, including willow rust disease. There is an enormous amount of fungal disease present in our area this spring due to the wet weather. Fungal disease is nurtured and spread by rain and overhead irrigation.

How much sun does a dappled willow need?

full sun
Dappled willow trees and shrubs will grow well in full sun, part sun or part shade. Best color is produced in full sun. But in zones with hotter summers, the dappled willow will not tolerate prolonged heat. It is best to plant in part sun or part shade and water weekly where summers are long, hot and dry.