How can I analyze my chess game for free?

How can I analyze my chess game for free?

There are at least two sites with a decent and free analysis: decodechess_com and chesscompass_com. You can even import any game from for free.

Which chess site has the best analysis?

A second promising website to go to for online chess analysis is On, you can analyze your chess games with the strongest chess engine in the world – Stockfish. You can see the best lines and variations and also use natural language analysis to get the most human understanding of your game.

How do you analyze positions in chess com?

How do I use the Analysis Board?

  1. When analyzing your own games, it’s easy to just open the game and click ‘analysis.
  2. To open the analysis board, hover over ‘learn’ or the ‘learn’ icon and then click ‘analysis’
  3. This will open the analysis board!
  4. From here, you can Load a FEN or PGN of a game you want to analyze.

What is the best free chess GUI?

The ChessBase Reader 12 is the only chess software GUI that is available for free from ChessBase. The others you’re going to have to spend some money to obtain, such as Fritz 15.

How do you Analyse a chess game on the computer?

How to analyze your chess games

  1. Write down all the variations you studied during the game.
  2. Analyze with a computer and try to find the “truth” about the game.
  3. Write down a complete evaluation after ALL the variations – you have to get used to make conclusions (or, at least, try to do it).

Is Decodeches worth?

In my opinion it is a great learning tool, but you must learn to first find ideas and calculate without hints, then use a tool like that to see what you missed.

Is Chess24 com free?

chess24. Founded in 2014, chess24 has rapidly become one of the top chess playing and learning sites on the net. Basic membership is free, but a premium upgrade allows full access to a wealth of training material such as video series and ebooks.

Is the chess com analysis Good?

As a basic member, the computer analysis is not very good, since the depth of search is very limited to 8 ply (estimated 2000 strength).

Is Lucas chess any good?

LucasChess is absolutely amazing for improving in Chess. My favourite feature by far is the ability to generate trainings out of your own mistakes. You can download all your games from the website of your choice as a PGN database – then import it into a LucasChess database.

Does Magnus Carlsen own Chess24?

In March 2019, chess24 merged with Magnus Carlsen’s company Play Magnus AS in a transaction that made the former chess24 owners the largest shareholders in Play Magnus….chess24.

Type of site Internet chess server
Launched 2014
Current status Active

How do I analyze my own chess game?

What does playing chess say about you?

Chess improves your memory If you play chess, you are likely to have a better memory than those who don’t. Not only does it mean that you are less likely to have Alzheimer’s than your peers, it also means that you simply develop the part of the brain related to memory more.

How much does Aimchess cost?

Aimchess is a fast-growing chess analytics startup powered by AI that delivers personalized insights and training exercises based on users’ historical games. Aimchess offers free services to all users with a $7.99 monthly subscription upgrade for unlimited access to Aimchess’ insights and training tools.