How can I know my FSI in Pune?

How can I know my FSI in Pune?

FSI is one of the very commonly used terminologies in the real estate sector. This is the ratio between the complete built-up area & the available plot’s area….FSI for Pune.

Width of the road (in meter) Minimum size of plot (sq. m.) Maximum FSI Permissible
12 – 18 m Above 1,000 2.5
18 – 24 m Above 2,000 3
24 – 30 m Above 3,000 3.5

Is staircase included in FSI Pune?

Balcony, terrace, staircase, lift, lift machine room are deducted from FSI on payment of premium. Ducts, Parking floor, basement, architectural treatment are not considered while calculating FSI.

How much construction can be done on a plot in Pune?

PUNE The state government published notification for unified development control rules (DCR), which now permits plot holders below 1,500 square feet to erect the construction without submitting the plan to local bodies.

Are balconies included in FSI?

Exterior spaces, balconies, patios, parking, walkways and driveways that are covered, attics and outdoor sports courts, are not included in the gross floor area.

What is 1.5 FSI?

What IS 1.5 FSI? 1.5 fsi means, if have a plot area of 750 sq ft then you build 2 floors with 625 sq ft floor area.

Is balcony part of the FSI?

How many flats can you build in 4500 square feet?

therefore, you will be able to build 4500/500 = 9 flats of 1bhk in the given land, 3 flats per floor, number of floors is 3, then total flat is 3×3 = 9, if ground floor used for parking area then you can only built 6 flats.

Does staircase come under FSI?

No, a staircase is deducted from FSI while making the payment of premium.

Is balcony included in built up area?

What is built-up area? In easy words, built-up area is the carpet area plus the area covered by walls. The built-up area includes balconies, terraces (with or without roof), mezzanine floors and other detachable habitable areas such as servant room, etc.

Is stilt counted in FSI?

In Mumbai, the basement parking area and stilt parking does not count as a part of FSI.