How can I pay my PSPCL bill?

How can I pay my PSPCL bill?

How to Make PSPCL Bill Payment Online?

  1. Go to PSPCL payment page.
  2. Enter your Account Number. Click on View Sample Bill to know where to find your Account Number on your PSPCL electricity bill.
  3. Click on Proceed to check your PSPCL bill amount.
  4. Select the preferred mode of payment and complete the transaction.

How can I check my PSPCL bill is paid or not?

How can i check my PSPCL bill history online?

  1. Go to Open the official website of PSPCL portal and then go to bill payment portal.
  2. Open Menu and select Bill history.
  3. Enter PSPCL account number.
  4. Select your year for bill payment history.
  5. Click on Show Bill History.

Can we pay electricity bill online in Punjab?

STEP 1: Enter account number and click “Submit” button. STEP 2: Current available bill details will be shown automatically. STEP 3: Click title “PAY BILL”, then pay with desired Gateway.

How can I check my Bijli bill in Punjab?

How can I check my latest PSPCL Punjab Electricity Bill Online?

  1. Visit
  2. Select your utility bills from the column above in the forum, such as the Utilities tab.
  3. Select Operator as Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL).
  4. Enter your PSPCL account number.
  5. Click on check bill.

How can I get PSPCL receipt?

How can I download my PSPCL bill receipt?

  1. Step 1: Go to the PSPCL bill receipt download page.
  2. Step 2: Enter your Account Number.
  3. Step 3: Select a year > Click on Show Payment Receipt.
  4. Step 4: Click on the View Receipt icon next to the transaction details.

How can I add Biller in Indian Overseas Bank?

Step 1 : Register – provide contact details, set up your billers. Why Register? Step 2 : Get reminded when your next bill gets generated. Step 3 : Login at the yellow box.

How can I use Google to pay my electric bill?

Pay bills using Google Pay

  1. Open Google Pay .
  2. From the bottom of the screen, slide up.
  3. Tap New. type in the name of a biller.
  4. From the search results, tap the name of the biller. Link account.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you’re asked to enter your Customer ID, you can find it on your physical bill or e-bill.

How do I pay BillDesk?

How To Make Your Credit Card Payment Through Billdesk?

  1. Enter your HDFC Bank credit card number.
  2. Re-enter your HDFC Bank credit card number for security purposes.
  3. Enter your email ID (Not mandatory)
  4. Enter the payment amount you wish to pay.
  5. Choose the bank account you wish to make the payment and click on the “Pay” option.

How can I change my electricity bill name in Punjab?

Apply In-Person Go to the local Electricity office personally to apply for Electricity (EB) Meter name transfer. Link and details to locate respective office: PSPCL Customer Care Toll Free Number : 1 800 180 6045. PSPCL Customer Care Contact Number : +91 17 5222 5230.

Which bank merged with Indian Overseas Bank?

Mumbai: Union Bank of India (UBI) will buy out the 75% stake held jointly by Bank of Baroda (BoB) and Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) in India International Bank Malaysia, making it a 100% UBI unit, two people directly aware of the development said.

How do I pay with Google Pay by mobile number?

Send money to someone anywhere in India

  1. Open Google Pay .
  2. From the bottom of the screen, tap “New Payment”
  3. Search for the person or contact you want to send money.
  4. Once you select the person/contact are provided, in next screen, enter the amount.
  5. Tap Pay.
  6. Enter the amount and description and select the form of payment.

Does BillDesk accept international payments?

Simple and easy integration to accept international payments. Enable collections from India with multiple local payment methods. Expand global reach, accepting payments in 70+ major currencies. Unmatched expertise to support your business.

How to check PSPCL electricity bill status online?

Click on the Check Bill button, and the PSPCL electricity bill status will be displayed on the screen. Punjab PSPCL Bill details include your Name, Address, Bill Number, Issue Date, Due Date, Net Amount, Surcharge, Gross Amount and Payable Amount.

What is the full form of PSPCL?

PSPCL stands for Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, an electricity-generating and distributing company owned by the State Government of Punjab. Incorporated in 2010, PSPCL was responsible for operating and maintaining the state’s power generating & distribution projects.

Can a consumer pay electricity bill through Paytm?

Now Consumers Can Pay Electricity Bill Through PAYTM. Insta Bill Payment New Connection/ Consumer Services Supply Related Complaint Number Roof Top Solar Tariff Orders Direct Benefit Transfer