How did Dr. Dre loose his son?

How did Dr. Dre loose his son?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The 20-year-old son of veteran rapper Dr. Dre died in August from an overdose of heroin and morphine, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said on Friday. Andre Young Jr was found dead by his mother at his Los Angeles home after spending a night out with friends.

Who was Dr. Dre’s first son?

Dre’s first-born is son Curtis, who was followed by daughters Tyra and La Tonya. He had one son, Marcel, with singer Michel’le, and another son, Andre Young Jr., with Jenita Porter. After marrying his now-estranged wife Nicole Young, they welcomed son Truice and daughter Truly.

When did Dre lose his son?

Dre’s fourth child, Andre R Young Jr, tragically died of a drug overdose aged 20 in August 2008. He had reportedly been out with friends the night before and was discovered in bed by his mother in their California home.

Does Dr. Dre have a brother?

Warren G
Tyree CrayonJerome Crayon
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Did Dr. Dre and Michel Le have a baby?

Michel’le was 16 and later turned 17 in December, and Dre, who had a baby on the way from a previous relationship, was 22. The couple later became engaged and had their son, Marcel, in February 1991. Marcel was Michel’le’s first child and Dr. Dre’s sixth.

Who is Eric Wright to Dr. Dre?

movie. Especially with that final close-up shot of the grave of Eric Wright (a.k.a Eazy-E), his Ruthless colleague and N.W.A. partner whose falling out with Dre involved allegations of kidnapping and even the intervention of the Jewish Defense League until they reconciled shortly before his death from AIDS in 1995.

How many kids did Dr Dre and Michel Le have?

He had a son called Curtis Young, followed by a daughter called La Tanya Danielle Young, then a son called Andre Young Jr (who has since died). With singer Michel’le, he had son Marcel, and finally with his now-estranged wife Nicole, he had two more children, Trucie and Truly.