How did the dabbawalas manage to deliver the lunches on time?

How did the dabbawalas manage to deliver the lunches on time?

The tiffins then travel on the city’s train network where at the other end the local dabbawalas pick them up for the last leg of the journey – the lunchtime delivery, which is never late. As well as being delivered, the dabbas are also returned too.

How does Mumbai dabbawala system work?

The dabbawala then transports his crate, either by bicycle or train, depending on the delivery location. Each crate holds at least 30 dabbas. Once the destination is reached, the dabbas are again split for final delivery to the assigned local dabbawalas. These dabbawalas deliver the lunches to the final recipient.

How much does tiffin service cost in Mumbai?

Best Tiffin Services in Mumbai

Tiffin Service Price Range (INR) Contact Number
Kitchen on my plate 3,300 per month +91 84520 04123
Magic O Meal 17,500 per month +91 9320022422/33
3sqr meals 1,100 for 15 days +919987536035
FoodDarzee 7,500 per month +91 9590 510 520

What is the price of Dabbawala in Mumbai?

There are about 5000 dabbawalas in Mumbai delivering 200,000 dabbas a day. Each dabbawala delivers about 35-40 dabbas daily, at the bare bones price of about 800-1000 rupees ($12-15) a month. Late pick-up comes at a premium price of 1500 rupees ($23) a month.

Is tiffin service good for health?

Having healthy veg tiffin service is the ultimate way to keep your body healthy and fit. A good metabolism strengthens your blood cells which fight with the disease bacteria, keeping all the bad and toxic things away from your body. This also keeps away the long-term illness.

What is the motto of dabbawalas?

“No excuses” is their motto. Dedication. It took more than 100 years for dabbawalas to get the recognition they deserved.

Which brand is best for lunch box?

5 Good Quality Lunch Boxes To Keep Your Food Fresh:

  • NanoNine Tiffiny Executive Stainless Steel Lunch Box.
  • Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box.
  • Allo Food safe Glass Lunch Box with Break Free Detachable Lock.
  • Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle.
  • Milton Executive Lunch Box Soft Insulated Tiffin Box.