How do I access my WKU email?

How do I access my WKU email?

Visit, select Lookup my TopperMail Email Address from the menu on the right. Note this address and check it often. Sign into MyWKU: You should now have your student ID number, your NetID and your WKU email address, which means that you’re ready to sign-in to!

What is WKU email?

WKU has partnered with Microsoft to provide its Students and Affiliates with WKU Email called “TopperMail”. TopperMail features a robust email client with integrated calendar, a number of versatile collaboration tools, and much more.

How many students go to WKU?

20,171 (2014)Western Kentucky University / Total enrollment

How do I find my WKU ID?

Your WKU ID (800#) is your main identification number at WKU and is printed and encoded on your WKU ID card. All employees are issued a WKU ID upon hire and students are issued a WKUID once their application to the University is reviewed and processed. You need to memorize your WKU ID and your PIN.

How do I set up Toppermail?

To set up your email account, click on Email – Topper Mail, then First-time User, and follow the instructions provided. You may also view a video tutorial and frequently asked questions here. visiting to submit an online help request or participate in a live chat session.

Is WKU a big school?

It is a large institution with an enrollment of 11,749 undergraduate students. The Western Kentucky acceptance rate is 97%. Popular majors include Nursing, Business, and Liberal Arts and Humanities.

How good of a college is WKU?

Western Kentucky University is ranked #299-#391 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is WKU a fun school?

Affordable and exciting option for in-state students who don’t want to stay in Lexington or Louisville. WKU is my home away from home. It has a beautiful campus and has a nice home feel. It is very peaceful and has a awesome programs for students.

What is the #1 high school in Kentucky?

Kentucky High School Rankings

Rank School Grades
1 duPont Manual High 9-12
2 J. Graham Brown School K-12
3 Highlands High School 9-12