How do I change permissions on a shared calendar in Office 365?

How do I change permissions on a shared calendar in Office 365?

In the Office 365 admin center, you will:

  1. Under External Sharing, select Calendar.
  2. Ensure that the box is checked for Let people in your organization use a public URL to share their calendars, and also ensure that the box is checked for Share calendar via web link for anonymous users.

What permissions can you set when sharing a calendar?

If you have an Exchange, Microsoft 365, or account, you can send a sharing invitation to other users so they can view your calendar in their own Calendar list….Share a custom calendar folder with everyone.

With this permission level (or role) You can
None You have no permission. You cannot open the folder.

What is the main difference between delegating access to a calendar and just sharing a calendar?

When you share your calendar, you can give more customers access to your calendar, without giving full delegate access. Sharing your calendar also means that an individual will not be able to send emails on your behalf, but rather just calendar invites.

Why can’t I share my calendar in Outlook 365?

According to Microsoft Office Support, there may be several reasons why you are unable to share your Outlook Calendar: You are trying to share with an email address outside your business organization. You are trying to give permission to an invalid email address. You are trying to give permission to an Office365 group.

How do I grant calendar permissions in Outlook 365?


  1. Click Calendar Icon in lower left corner.
  2. In the left side bar Right Click the calendar you want to share, then click Properties.
  3. Click the Permissions tab.
  4. Click Add to add permissions for a new user, or click the name of the existing user in the list to change their current permissions.

What is the difference between editor and delegate Outlook calendar?

You can give them editor access, which lets them edit your calendar, or delegate access, which lets them not only edit your calendar, but also schedule and respond to meetings on your behalf.

How do I give a full calendar permission in Outlook?

What is the difference between sharing and publishing a calendar?

The main differences between sharing a calendar and publishing an internet calendar is that the first option is available only to members (mailboxes) inside the same organization and using exclusively Outlook or Webmail (Outlook Web App or OWA) whereas the second option allows you to reach as well people outside of …

What are the different permission levels in Outlook calendar?

Outlook Permission Levels

Permission Level Definition
Nonediting Author: Create and read items; delete items created by the user.
Reviewer: Read items.
Contributor: Create items.
Free/Busy time, subject, location: View the time, subject, and location of the appointment or meeting on your calendar.

What are the different permission levels in Outlook 365 calendar?

Free/Busy time, subject, location: Allows someone to view your Subject and Location. Events set to private will only display as Private Appointment. Contributor: Provides the ability to view free/busy information and create new events. Reviewer: Allows someone to view your Subject, Location, Attendees, and Description.

What is the difference between share calendar and calendar permissions?

Share calendar gives the person you shared with the ability to view your entire calendar – with the permissions you selected. They can see it until you revoke permissions. Publish calendar is similar to share but you publish it to a web server and anyone with the link can see the calendar.

How do I share my Outlook calendar without publishing it?

Share your Microsoft 365 or calendar with people inside or outside your organization

  1. From your Calendar folder, on the Home menu, select Share Calendar.
  2. Choose the calendar you want to share from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Calendar Properties dialog box, click Add.