How do I check my EPT score?

How do I check my EPT score?

After you have completed your English Placement Test wait 5-8 business days for your score to be processed and then check your ‘STUDENT PROFILE’ to view your test result. *Note: Highlighted in yellow are examples of scores. Register in the courses listed in your profile under Score/Course.

What is English test scores?

English test score converter

Beginner Proficient
IELTS 2.0 8.0-9.0
TOEIC Listening & Reading 60-105
EF SET 0-30 71-100

How many items are in EPT deped?

It is a multiple-choice type of test comprising of 90 items distributed in three subtests as follows: Structure (15 items), Written Expression (25 items), and Reading Comprehension (50 items).

What is English proficiency test for teachers?

English Proficiency Test (EPT) is a mandatory examination that every aspiring public school teacher needs to take after the LET.

How long does it take to get EPT results?

Another great advantage of CBT-EPT is that results are readily available after two (2) working days since the responses are automatically forwarded to the Central Office once the test takers submitted their tests online.

What is the highest score in English proficiency?

Each section is worth 30 points for a maximum score of 120. Scores are good for two years. Many universities require scores in the range of 90-100, which is equivalent to B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) proficiency levels.

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Is British Council English score legit?

An EnglishScore is an accurate and unbiased assessment of your English language skills. You can score up to 600 points on our free English test.

Which is easier British Council or IDP?

To help you make the decision-making process easier, you need to remember that there is basically no major difference between IELTS exams held by IDP or the British Council, neither is easier or more difficult and they both follow the exact same framework and grading system.

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