How do I check my Year 13 results online?

How do I check my Year 13 results online?

The Ministry Education, Heritage and Arts will release the Year 13 National Examination Provisional Results on Friday 29 January 2021. The provisional results will be released online and can be accessed by students using their Examination Code Number and personal credentials on

How do I check my Examresults Gov FJ Year 13 results online?

How to check Fiji Year 13 Results online?

  1. Visit:
  2. Now Ministry of Education Fiji Exam Results 2022 will appear.
  3. Select ” School Year: 2022”
  4. Enter your “FSFE Student ID: *_______”
  5. Enter your “First Name: *_________”
  6. Enter your “Surname:___________” (optional)

How do I download ECZ results?

Download ECZ e Statement Of Results

  1. To get started visit:;
  2. Click on option 2 which reads” e-STATEMENTS OF RESULTS” on the list of links, then;
  3. On the next page, Click e-Statement of Results.
  4. Click on “CANDIDATE SIGN IN”
  5. Select the level you want to check the results for in the select box.

How can I check my NSC matric results online?

Check Matric Results Online 2021 online check through the Department of Basic Education website

  1. Click on the Matric Result announcement available on the homepage of the website.
  2. It will redirect to results checking page.
  3. Enter your Matric Examination Number and click on the Search button.

How do I check my g7 results?

Here is how you check the results using your mobile phone:

  1. You open the new message pad on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Type the full Examination Number (Leave Space)
  3. Type the Examination Year (Leave Space)
  4. Type the Examination Grade and.
  5. Send to 8383.

Why are there 3 end of year exams in Fiji?

In order to realize the essence of quality in students’ achievement a part of the policy direction in the current educational reforms mandates the introduction of three End of Year Examinations at Year 7, Year 9, Year 11 in addition to the Fiji Year 6, Fiji Year 8, Fiji Year 10, Fiji Year 12 and Fiji Year 13 Certificate Examinations.

What are the subjects in the Fiji Junior Certificate exam?

These are English, Mathematics, Basic Science, Social Science, Commercial St. (pilot only) are the compulsory subjects. Ministry of Education conducted Fiji Junior Certificate Examination in the month of November once in every year.

Does Moe Fiji allow students to download fy13ce 2018 question papers?

Ministry of Education (MOE) Fiji allows students to FY13CE 2018 Question Papers with answers and solution. As a matter of fact, after the publication of FY13CE Exam Result 2018 the Ministry of Education uploaded the Fiji Year 13 2018 exam question papers. […]

How to become an extramural candidate in Fiji?

Such candidates must apply to the Chief Executive Officer (Education) early in the year of the examination to be considered as extramural candidates. The examination conducted at the end of Class 10 (Year 10) in all schools in Fiji.