How do I contact DFAS?

How do I contact DFAS?

(888) 332-7411Defense Finance and Accounting Service / Customer service

What is Deployable Disbursing system?

The Deployable Disbursing System (DDS) was developed to fulfill a need for a disbursing system to maintain accountability of U.S. Treasury funds entrusted to disbursing agents.

What is automated disbursing system?

AUTOMATED DISBURSING SYSTEM. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) employs the Automated Disbursing System (ADS) to process disbursements, collections, and for reporting payments for a variety of entitlement systems in the form of check and Electronic Funds Transfer payment files.

Can you dispute DFAS debt?

If appropriate, you may be entitled to request a hearing (if your debt is being collected through salary offset and you feel you did not receive due process). A written decision will be issued within 60 days after the filing of a Cursory Review or Hearing Petition.

How do I contact DFAS by email?

Claim forms must be submitted by mail or fax….

Contact Us
General Customer Service Questions 1-888-332-7366 Email: AskDFAS
Advances Fax: 216-367-3428 DSN Fax: 580-7839 Email to fax machine: [email protected]

What is Difms?

Defense Information Financial Management System (DIFMS) is a financial management/accounting/logistics system supporting Navy, Air. Force, and Marine Corps Depot Maintenance (DM) business areas. DIFMS replaced legacy systems with a migratory system that meets Federal and DoD regulations and requirements.

What can I do if the military is not paying me?

Contact your finance department, explain the situation, and see if you can sit down with them and walk through the problem and find a solution. Many military pay problems are small, and can be resolved over the phone, or with a quick meeting.

What can you do if military doesn’t pay you?

What If I Don’t Get Paid?

  1. Step One: Look At Your Leave and Earnings Statement. Go to MyPay and pull up your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) or Net Pay Advice statement.
  2. Step Two: Check With Your Bank.
  3. Step Three: Go To Finance.

What is GAFS R?

General Accounting and Finance System–Reengineered. (GAFS-R)

What DFAS stand for?

Defense Finance Accounting Service
Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS)

Can I sue the military for not paying me?

Military Pay Claims at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims Federal law allows you to sue the U.S. government for payment of money as a result of the wrongful discharge, improper retirement, denial of promotion, service-related disability, and incorrect military records under some circumstances.