How do I email UNC?

How do I email UNC?

Log into using your ONYEN and password. Click on “Email Sign-Up” on the left hand menu to set up your UNC email account, create an easy-to-remember alias, or change your password. Check your email by visiting You can also connect your UNC email to your phone’s inbox.

How do I contact UNC?

For general phone inquiries, call 919-962-2211. To reach a department by email, please check the search engine. To find a person’s email address, search the UNC-Chapel Hill Online Campus Directory. Campus directory assistance is also available by phone at 919-962-2211.

What is UNC Health Chat?

The UNC Health Chat program is an easy way for you to stay connected with your UNC Health Care Team and share information along your health journey. These quick conversations help give us a bigger and better picture of your overall well-being.

How do I contact PBS NC?

FAQs | PBS North Carolina (formerly UNC-TV) For any questions not addressed here, please contact PBS North Carolina’s Audience Services department at 1-888-292-7070 or [email protected].

Is UNC Health part of UNC?

UNC Health System Originally established Nov. 1, 1998, by N.C.G.S. 116-37, UNC Health currently comprises UNC Hospitals and its provider network, the clinical programs of the UNC School of Medicine, and fourteen hospitals and eighteen hospital campuses statewide.

What is a health talk?

Health talks are designed for community health workers to sensitize and educate members of the community about issues that affect their health and the services offered at the facility within the scope of HIV/AIDS.

Can you cancel the PBS donation?

Because memberships are retained at a local level, you must email or call your local station in order to cancel your membership. Most stations have a way to update your information or contact them at their website, so we suggest looking at your local station’s website for more information.

Can you use fafsa money for food?

You can use your financial aid to pay for your basic food expenses while you are in school. Most schools use the largest dining hall meal plan in the cost of attendance. If you do not participate in a meal plan on campus, you can use the financial aid money to buy groceries and purchase prepared food instead.