How do I format my BlackBerry Classic?

How do I format my BlackBerry Classic?


  1. A Master reset reverts the device back to factory settings.
  2. From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the display to access Quick Settings.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Scroll to, then tap Security and Privacy.
  5. Scroll to, then tap Security Wipe.
  6. Tap the Confirmation field, then enter ‘blackberry’.

How can I flash my BlackBerry phone?

Steps to flash Blackberry OS 7 Phones or Older via PC:

  1. Connect the smartphone to the computer.
  2. On the computer, click Start > Programs >Accessories >Command Prompt.
  3. Type cd C: \Program Files \Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader and press ENTER .
  4. Type loader.exe /resettofactory and press ENTER.

How to fix BlackBerry Desktop software not responding?

Close the BlackBerry Desktop Software if it is open. On the computer, click on Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Type cd /Applications/BlackBerry\\ Desktop\\ and press Enter.

How do I force restart a BlackBerry device?

Press and hold the Alt key (1) While holding down the Alt key, press and hold the Right Shift key (2) With both of those buttons still pressed, press the Backspace/Delete key (3) When the screen turns off to indicate that the BlackBerry smartphone is restarting, you can then release the keys you have been holding.

How do I change the IT policy for a BlackBerry device?

Under BlackBerry solution management, expand Policy. Assign a name. Click Save, then click the new IT policy name. Click Edit IT policy. Click the Security tab. Set the Reset to Factory Defaults on Wipe drop-down list to True. Click Save all. Assign the IT policy to a BlackBerry smartphone user.

What happens when you hard reset a BlackBerry phone?

Refer to your phone’s user manual to verify the keys. Performing a BlackBerry hard or soft reset does not delete any of your saved data or settings. Only a master reset wipes away everything from the phone’s memory, except for the factory settings.

How do you hard reset a Blackberry phone?

Press and hold the Power key for 10 seconds. Press and hold the Volume up key and the Volume down key at the same time for 10 seconds. The BlackBerry will take several minutes to start up.

How can I delete my classic BlackBerry ID?

app. and associate with your subscription. For more information, see Manage your subscription….Delete your BlackBerry ID account

  1. In the. BBM Enterprise. app, tap > .
  2. Tap. Account. .
  3. Tap. BlackBerry ID. > Forgot Password?
  4. Enter the verification code.
  5. Tap. Delete BlackBerry ID Account. .

How do I perform a soft reset on my BlackBerry?

Performing a Soft Reset Press and hold the Alt key . Press and hold the Right Shift key. Press and hold the Backspace/Delete key. Wait for the BlackBerry to reset.

How do I Reset my Blackberry 10 to factory settings?

Press and hold the Backspace/Delete key. Make sure you are continuing to hold the Alt and Shift keys while you hold the Backspace/Delete key. Wait for the BlackBerry to reset. When this happens, you will see the screen turn off.

What do I do if my blackberry is frozen or unresponsive?

If your BlackBerry is frozen or unresponsive, a quick reset may be just the ticket to get it up and running again. Follow this guide to restore your BlackBerry to its former glory. Open the battery cover on the back of the BlackBerry. Remove the battery from the phone.

Do I need to backup my BlackBerry smartphone data before resetting?

Warning: It is recommended to backup all BlackBerry smartphone data prior to performing a reset to factory defaults to ensure the data is not permanently lost. You can perform a backup of the BlackBerry smartphone using Article 12487.