How do I get a Class 3 license in Quebec?

How do I get a Class 3 license in Quebec?

To obtain a Class 3 licence to drive a truck, you must have held a valid Class 5 driver’s licence for at least 2 years, have a good driving record, be in good health, and pass a knowledge test and 2 road tests.

What are the 3 parts of SAAQ test?

You must pass all three parts of the SAAQ knowledge test: 8 questions on rules and regulations, 8 questions on road signs and traffic signals, and 12 questions on behaviours….What to expect on the actual QC exam:

  • 64 questions.
  • 13+13+26 correct answers to pass.
  • 80% passing score.
  • Minimum age to apply: 16.

How do I pass the SAAQ road test?

To pass, you must:

  1. comply with the Highway Safety Code (road signs, speed limits, etc.).
  2. pay attention to what is happening on the road.
  3. keep a safe distance from the other vehicles.
  4. signal your intentions at the appropriate time.
  5. anticipate potentially dangerous situations.

How many questions are on the SAAQ knowledge test 2020?

The SAAQ questionnaire given to every student driver covers a wide range of topics ranging from road signs to traffic rules and sharing the road. It contains 64 multiple-choice questions, including several illustrated scenarios for students to analyze.

How do I become a trucker in Quebec?

In Quebec, the licence for driving a full trailer truck is called “Class 1.” To get it you must have:

  1. Less than four demerit points on your record.
  2. Not had your licence suspended or revoked in the past two years.
  3. Pass a vision test.
  4. Submit a medical report that meets regulations.
  5. Pass a knowledge test.
  6. Pass two road tests.

How do I prepare for the Quebec knowledge test?


  1. Read the Quebec Driver’s Handbook. The Quebec Driver’s Handbook outlines the road rules and signs that you need to learn for the test.
  2. Use the Online Practice Tests.
  3. Monitor Your Test Prep Progress.

How do I study for my driving theory test?

Studying for the driver theory test You can read the Rules of the Road online or buy the book or borrow it from your local library. online learning portal as well as an official learning app available for Android and iOS devices. information, visit the Theory Test Revision Material website.

Is the SAAQ road test hard?

The SAAQ, the provincial body that conducts the tests, believes that the numbers are the result of more difficult driving conditions in Montreal. “There’s more traffic, more pedestrians, more cyclists and all in all, a lot more challenges than on rural roads,” said SAAQ representative Mario Vaillancourt.

How many mistakes are allowed on road test Quebec?

You are allowed 3 mistakes in each of the road rules and signs sections and 6 mistakes in the driving behaviour section: a total of 12 mistakes.

How do I prepare for my driving test?

How to prepare for a driving test

  1. Ensure you take the correct amount of lessons before your test.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep.
  3. Eat something light, right before your test.
  4. Check over your theory material one last time.
  5. Refresh your memory of the most common test faults.
  6. Get to know the local test routes.

How many practical lessons do you need for class 3?

For Class 3, an average of 29 sessions (inclusive of 2 Auto transmission vehicle lessons) may be required to complete your Practical Driving Course. For Class 3A, an average of 24 sessions may be required to complete your Practical Driving Course.

Can Class 3C driving lorry?

The Class 3C licence will allow the holder to drive all Class 3 vehicles except light goods vehicles, mini vans and small buses. Drivers need to pass only the BTT to convert their foreign driving licence to the Class 3C licence. A Class 3CA licence will also be introduced.

How much does a truck driver make in Quebec?

The average salary for a truck driver is $23.49 per hour in Quebec Province.

How many truck drivers are there in Quebec?

The trucking industry is one of the industries that helps create the most jobs. In fact, there are 7,100 trucking companies in Quebec that employ more than 115,000 people in all regions of the province.

Is the SAAQ knowledge test multiple choice?

The knowledge test is a multiple-choice section of the process to gain the Class 5 Learners’ Licence.

What happens if I fail my theory test?

You must book and take the full test again, even if you passed one part this time. You’ll get the result at the test centre after taking the theory test. You must pass both parts to pass the test.

Is driving theory easy?

By making the theory test hard to pass, and having expiry dates on theory test pass certificates, the DVSA has ensured that all learner drivers have the skills and knowledge necessary to get behind the wheel of a car. Of course, the it won’t be half as challenging if you actually prepare for it.

Which province has the hardest road test?

Statistics for those who take the test without having taken lessons also show Montreal to be the hardest place to pass, as only 47 percent of those who in that category pass on the first try.

Is there a Class 5 driving test online in Quebec? is pleased to present the third of our Quebec driving test online sets for aspiring Class 5 drivers. This is one of a series of free Quebec learners test online practice tests, designed to help new drivers study for and pass the official SAAQ knowledge test.

Where do the study materials for the online drivers test Quebec come from?

All of the study material in our “online drivers test Quebec” series, has been developed from the official Quebec Driver’s Handbook, along with help from other beginner drivers who have already taken the actual Quebec Class 5 learners test.

How to get a driver’s licence in Quebec?

To get the full Driver’s licence in Quebec, you should be at least 16 years of age, and as per the SAAQ (Societe de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec), you should finish the 4 modules of Phase 1 of driving course before you acquire a Class 5 Learner’s License in Quebec.

What is the difference between Class 3 and Class 6 licence?

A class 6C licence allows to operate motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 125 cc or less. Class 3 licence allows to drive truck which must have 2 years of class 5 licence experience, and should pass the SAAQ knowledge test and vision test and also satisfy the medical guidelines of drivers, must pass both road tests as mentioned above.