How do I get into Nature Grotto?

How do I get into Nature Grotto?

It is accessed from the north fence gate west of Canifis. The gate is just south of the Fairy ring (code CKS). Walk or run along the west side of the swamp until you see the island in the south-west corner of the swamp. Jump the bridge on the south side to enter the Nature Grotto.

Where is the nature spirit RS3?

Mort Myre Swamp Nature Grotto

v • d • e RS3 Nature Spirit
Rewards Constitution XP lamp Crafting XP lamp Defence XP lamp
Locations Mort Myre Swamp Nature Grotto
Music Dead Quiet Natural Stagnant Grotto
Miscellaneous Bloom Ashustru, blessidum, adverturasi, fidum Achievement Quick guide Transcript Quest journal

Where is the nature spirit in RS3?

To start this quest, speak to Drezel. He is located in the passageway bordering Morytania and the forest east of Varrock (underground, beneath Paterdomus) When you talk to Drezel, he will give you six pies (3 meat and 3 apple) to take to Filliman Tarlock, a friend of his who lives in Mort Myre.

How do you charge a druid pouch?

Charging a Druid pouch To use the pouch, a player must first charge it with Mort Myre Swamp fruit (Mort Myre fungi, Mort myre stems, and Mort myre pears). To obtain these items: Cast “Bloom” using a Blessed silver sickle or Ivandis flail; or. Cast “Bloom” with the Druidic spell given during the Nature Spirit quest.

How do you use a sickle mould?

A sickle mould can be used together with a silver bar to create a silver sickle. One can make a silver sickle at a Crafting level of 18 after they have begun the quest Nature Spirit.

How do you make a silver sickle?

A silver sickle can be made at 18 Crafting with a silver bar and a sickle mould at a furnace, granting 50 Crafting experience. It can be turned in to a Silver sickle (b) during Nature Spirit quest, and can also be blessed after the quest by dipping it in the pool of water in the nature spirit’s grotto.

How do I get to Drezel RS3?

You need to speak to Drezel to access the gate into Morytania. If you have not found Drezel from the Canifis side, just go north of the gate and cross over the bridge into the temple. This must be done to do the Haunted Mine quest. He is also involved in the Myreque quest series.

What fairy ring is closest to a bank Osrs?

Closest points of interest to fairy rings: Bank – Chasm of Fire djr (29 tiles) to a Shayzien bank chest. Players that have have both a Spirit Tree and fairy ring in their POH may use the Farming Guild for quicker bank access. This requires 85 farming and a Spirit Tree in the Farming Guild.