How do I install Vida?

How do I install Vida?


  1. How to install VIDA.
  2. Download the VIDA prerequisites installation package and install it.
  3. Double click the VIDA desktop shortcut in order to install the VIDA client.
  4. After the installation, change your password by using the “pre-expired” password that you have received by email from IDM.

What is Vida for cars?

VIDA is a system that supports workshops in repairing and servicing Volvo vehicles. A complete version of VIDA provides parts information, service information, diagnostic fault tracing and software download, all integrated into one single application.

How does Vida subscription work?

You can order the masks as a one-time purchase or as a subscription. If you choose our subscription option, you can repeat this process monthly or at your preferred frequency. You can edit, pause, or cancel your subscription 24 hours before the order date.

Do you need to rotate tires on a Volvo?

Tire Rotation. Your vehicle has no required or recommended interval for tire rotation by Volvo. Tire wear is affected by a number of factors such as tire inflation, ambient temperature, driving style, etc.

How do I quit Vida?


  1. Sign in or click on “Register” to create an account.
  2. Select the “My Agreement Info” tab.
  3. Click “ Request Cancel”
  4. Select your Reason for Cancelling.
  5. Click the “Submit Cancel Request” button.
  6. A cancellation confirmation email will be sent to your email on file.

How often should I rotate my tires Volvo?

Ideally, tire rotation should be done the first time after approximately 5000 km (ca 3100 miles) and thereafter at 10,000 km (approx. 6200 miles) intervals. If you have any questions regarding tread depth, Volvo recommends consulting an authorized Volvo workshop.

What brand of tires does Volvo use?

Volvo places extremely high demands on the quality of their vehicles and, as a result, demand the very best from the tires approved for each vehicle. No matter if it’s winter tires for the cold season or summer tires for the scorching heat and wet roads – Continental’s OE tires are “tailor-made” for your Volvo.

Are directional tires worth it?

The Benefits of Directional Tires Additionally, directional tires provide excellent handling and traction in dry conditions. With optimized tread that is designed for maximum road contact, these tires can corner better, grip better, and handle better than some other tires, such as all-season tires.