How do I link my DBS card with my smiles Esso card?

How do I link my DBS card with my smiles Esso card?

You may choose to link your credit card(s) to your Esso Smiles account and you will need only one card to pay and earn Esso Smiles points. Simply log on to your account at, select ‘Manage account’ followed by ‘Add Credit Card’, or complete the application form at any Esso service station.

How do I get an Esso card?

Download the free PC OptimumTM app and create an account. Or pick up a free PC OptimumTM card in store (available at participating Esso and Mobil stations, PC OptimumTM affiliated grocery stores, Shoppers Drug Mart locations) and register your card online through the PC OptimumTM app or at

What is Esso ACQ cashback?

Eligible Cardmember must charge a minimum of S$200nett on fuel per month at any Esso service stations (“Qualifying Spend”) on their new DBS Esso Card for 2 consecutive months from the Card approval date (“Qualified Cardmembers”). Each Qualified Cardmember will be awarded S$60 cashback (“Gift”).

Can I use my Esso card at Mobil?

Esso and Mobil Gift Cards are simple to use at the pump or in-store at participating Esso and Mobil stations.

How does the Esso card work?

You can put money on the card to ‘pre-pay’ to use it at ESSO stations off base, you can do this at the Shopette or online as well. It can be used at any base gas station in Germany or an ESSO station in Germany as well. You will need to set a PIN for the off-base purchases so it’s important to remember that number.

Should we use credit card fuel?

#1. Fuel Outlet work at the very low-profit margin. Due to the low margin, they cannot bear the transaction charges imposed by the card issuer company (VISA, Maestro) & transfer to the consumer. The transaction charge on fuel purchase is called fuel surcharge.

Where are Esso fuel cards accepted?

In the UK, Esso Card™ has been bolstered with BP-Esso cross acceptance that means you can now use your Esso Card fuel card at Esso, BP and Shell service stations across the country. That gives you access to more than 3,488 nationally.

Is DBS Esso card review?

DBS Esso Card is well-suited for frequent drivers who prefer to fuel up at Esso, and who would like to turn their petrol purchases into rewards. Cardholders can earn up to 21.2% in fuel savings at Esso, including 18% in instant savings and a S$7 discount, after a nett fuel spend of S$180.

How do I use my Esso fuel discount card?

Easy to get, easy to use:

  1. To redeem your discount, simply swipe your Fuel Discount Card at the pump at Esso™ and Mobil™ stations, load it to the Speedpass+™ app, or present it in-store before payment.
  2. Your receipt will show your instant fuel savings and the balance on the Esso Fuel Discount Card.

Where can I use my Esso card?

Designed for car and van fleets, the Esso National card gives you access to more than 3,400 fuel stations, including 1,200 Esso stations and all BP and Shell stations.

Can I pay with credit card in petrol pump?

Yes, use your credit card like your debit card and you have to charge only what you can pay at the end of the month. You will not want to pay an extra 20% in interest for petrol.

Can I use credit card to pay for petrol?

You can buy fuel with your Visa card at automated pumps across the UK. In fact, if you’re filling up at some supermarket service stations, you might find that all pumps are automated.

Can I use Esso card at BP?

Esso Card™ National. Access one of the UK’s biggest fuel station networks with Esso Card™ National. Accepted at Shell and BP as well as Esso, Esso Card™ boasts one of the fastest growing networks in the UK. Even better, the number of acceptance fuel stations is still growing!

Are fuel discount cards worth it?

Because gas credit cards pay you back in cents rather than a percentage of the total, you actually get less of a benefit when gasoline prices go up. “When gas prices are high, those gas card discounts lose value,” says Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at