How do I log into my Dscam?

How do I log into my Dscam?

To log in to Surveillance Station with DS cam: Make sure you have enabled QuickConnect at Control Panel > QuickConnect in DSM before logging in with QuickConnect ID. Your user account and password.

What port does DS cam use?

8. Mobile Applications

Type Port Number Protocol
DS cam 5000 (HTTP), 5001 (HTTPS) TCP
DS cloud 6690 TCP
DS file 5000 (HTTP), 5001 (HTTPS) TCP
DS finder 5000 (HTTP), 5001 (HTTPS) TCP

What is DS cam home mode?

Home Mode provides you an intuitive interface to switch between different modes. You can log into Surveillance Station to switch modes with a click, by schedule, or by geofence location via DS cam, which detects whether or not you are on site, and auto switches to Home Mode accordingly.

How do I access my Synology Surveillance Station on my phone?

How to use DS cam on iOS or Android

  1. to sign in.
  2. on the upper-left corner or swipe right to open the main menu, and then tap Cameras to go to the Cameras page.
  3. Swipe right or left to view the next set of footages if the number of cameras you have selected exceeds the maximum display capacity of one layout.

How do I remotely access my Synology Surveillance Station?

Remote control Now log in to Quick Connect and give your NAS a unique QuickConnect ID. Once QuickConnect is enabled, use your phone to visit the Apple or Play store, install DS Cam, start the app and use your QuickConnect ID and your username and password for the NAS to log in. You should see a live view on your phone.

How do I access Synology externally?

DSM 7.0 and above: Go to Control Panel > External Access > QuickConnect. DSM 6.2 and below: Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect….Via a mobile device:

  1. Open a Synology mobile app, such as DS file.
  2. Enter your QuickConnect ID, plus your DSM account and password.
  3. Click Login.

How do I use Synology Surveillance Station?

After making sure Surveillance Station 8.2 (or above) has been successifully installed on your Synology NAS/NVR, go to Main Menu > Surveillance Station to launch Surveillance Station. Once Surveillance Station is launched, you will see the desktop. This is where your applications and package windows are displayed.

How do I access my Synology Surveillance remotely?

Can I access Synology Surveillance Station remotely?

Purpose. DS cam is a free mobile app designed for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to remotely view recorded or live footage whenever a network connection is available.

How do I view Synology surveillance from Internet?

Watch recordings via web browsers and mobile devices….Sign in to Surveillance Station

  1. Make sure your computer and Synology server are connected to the same local network.
  2. If Surveillance Station is enabled, the application icon will appear in Main Menu.
  3. Click the Surveillance Station icon to launch it in a new window.

Can I access Synology from internet?

External access is the ability to remotely access your Synology NAS from any device with an internet connection. DSM allows you to easily set up remote access to your Synology NAS, so you can sign in to DSM or other services by simply entering a custom domain name into your web browser.

How do I access Synology from outside network?


  1. Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect.
  2. Check the Enable QuickConnect box.
  3. If you do not have a Synology Account, click Log in to or register a Synology Account.
  4. Create your own QuickConnect ID in the QuickConnect ID field.
  5. If you do not see the QuickConnect DSM link, click Advanced and make sure DSM is enabled.

Do you need a license for Synology Surveillance?

License Units Under most circumstances, each IP camera, I/O module, IP speaker, intercom, and access controller will only require one license, while each transaction device will require two licenses. However, multi-lens cameras and video servers for analog cameras may require additional licenses.