How do I log into XtremIO?

How do I log into XtremIO?


  1. Log in to the XtremIO UI.
  2. Select System Settings > Security.
  3. Select Users Administration and select the user to modify the password.
  4. Click Modify.
  5. Enter and confirm the password.
  6. Click Modify User Account.

How do I reset my EMC password unity?

Instructions. For other users, click on Settings > Users and Groups > User Management > select the individual user and click on “More Actions” to reset the password.

What is XMS in XtremIO?

An XtremIO storage system can include a single X-Brick or a cluster of multiple X-Bricks. The storage system is controlled via a dedicated Linux server called XtremIO Management Server (XMS). The XMS can be either a physical or a virtual server.

How do I change my Unity service password?

Select Settings > Users and Groups > User Management. Select the user to change the password. SelectMore actions > Reset Password.

How do I turn off EMC Xtremio?

The XMS can then be shutdown by running the cmd ‘shutdown-xms shutdown-type=machine’.

How do I reset my EMC VNX password?


  1. Admin account: Settings > More Configuration.. > Manage Administration > select admin and click on reset password.
  2. Service account: Settings > Service System > click on change service password and Execute service action.

How do I find my unity password?

To reset your password:

  1. Make sure you are fully signed out of your Unity Account.
  2. Click on “I forgot my password”
  3. Enter the email address of the Unity Account you are trying to access and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. This will send you a password reset token via email.
  5. Then, click “Reset password”.

What is XMX and XMS Java?

The flag Xmx specifies the maximum memory allocation pool for a Java virtual machine (JVM), while Xms specifies the initial memory allocation pool. The Xms flag has no default value, and Xmx typically has a default value of 256 MB. A common use for these flags is when you encounter a java.

Who are XtremIO X2 target customers?

The XtremIO X2 storage platform is primarily designed for applications that benefit from its data reduction and copy data management capabilities. It also targets organizations with large VDI deployments.

How do I reset my password on my Windows 10 Dell laptop?

Reset your Windows local account password

  1. Select the Reset password link on the sign-in screen. If you use a PIN instead, see PIN sign-in issues.
  2. Answer your security questions.
  3. Enter a new password.
  4. Sign in as usual with the new password.

How do I find my student ID number NCSU?

MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Personal Information tile On the Personal Information tile, you will be able to view and update all of your personal information, including: Personal Details (Student ID number, Name and Preferred Name)

What is XMX Minecraft?

-Xms specificates how much memory Java will initially allocate for heap space, and -Xmx will be the maximum heap space that can be allocated.

What is XMX Xms Minecraft server?

Xms is the amount of memory that you would expect during normal operation from your server. Xmx is a reserved limit allocated from the pool of total memory installed (to eleviate peek usage), to prevent using any essential system memory overhead.

What is XMX Eclipse?

The interesting options are the ones after -vmargs which get passed to the Java Virtual Machine (VM): -Xms: initial start heap size. -Xmx: maximum heap size.

Where is my Dell registration code?

How do I register my product? A registration code is sent in the Order Confirmation email for some products. To obtain your license key and gain access to the product in your account, you must enter the registration code on the Product registration tab.

What is dealer SA code?

Essentially your “SA Code” is a code that you should have been supplied by the company that sold you the machine to prove that they are a valid Dell reseller and that they purchased the machine from Dell and are now selling it on to you.

Who makes XtremIO?

Dell EMC’s
Dell EMC’s XtremIO X2 is the manufacturer’s current generation of an all-flash midrange storage system designed for high performance with consistently low latency, storage efficiency and zero-impact copy services.