How do I participate in Cholistan Jeep Rally?

How do I participate in Cholistan Jeep Rally?

How To Participate in Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2022

  1. Visit the official website for application form or click on the button below.
  2. Fill up the form dully and choose the category; Prepared, Stock, and Female.
  3. Attach all the required documents with your application form.

Who is the winner of Jeep rally 2022 in Pakistan?

Mir Jaffer Magsi
LAHORE: Mir Jaffer Magsi won the 17th International Cholistan Desert Rally by completing the 221-kilometre-long track in four hours, 10 minutes and fifty-one seconds (4-10-51), while his uncle and 2021 champion Nadir Magsi stood second by covering the distance in four hours, eleven minutes and 13 seconds (4-11-13).

What is the name of desert jeep rally in Pakistan?

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally
Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally (or simply “Cholistan Jeep Rally” or also known as “TDCP Cholistan Jeep Rally”) is a rally raid type of off-road race, organised by the TDCP in Pakistan. The event is annually run in the Cholistan Desert venue.

Where is Cholistan desert located?

The Cholistan desert is located in Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawal nager Districts. The soils of the tract are saline, alkaline and gypsiferous. The area consists of shifting sand dunes.

What is the name of Cholistan?

The Cholistan Desert (Urdu: صحرائے چولستان; Punjabi: چولستان روہی), also locally known as Rohi (روہی), is a large desert in the southern part of Punjab, Pakistan that forms part of the Greater Thar Desert, which extends to Sindh province and the Indian state of Rajasthan.

How many deserts are there in Punjab?

Pakistan hosts five deserts which were historical forests. They include the Thar Desert in Sindh, the Cholistan Desert in Bahawalpur (Punjab), the Thal Desert in Bhakkar (Punjab), the Kharan Desert in Balochistan, and the Katpana Desert in Skardu (Gilgit-Baltistan).

What is found in Cholistan?

A variety of medicinally important chemical compounds have been extracted and identified from the plants of the Cholistan desert, including terpenes and triterpenoids, sterols and steroids, phenolics, flavonoids, gums and resins, quinones, anthocyanidines, saponins, antioxidants and fatty acids.

Is Cholistan in India?

When was Cholistan abandoned?

The Harappan culture flourished about 1800 BC. Afterwards, the culture began to decline. Many mature Harappan sites in regions such Cholistan were abandoned by the 1800 BC.

What is the largest desert on earth?

Antarctica is the world’s largest desert. (Image credit: NASA.)

How many forts are there in Cholistan?

The Forty Seven Forts of Ancient Cholistan and its surroundings

Bhagla Fort (28°16’7.00″N,70°30’35.34″E)
Muridwala Fort (28°23’14.21″N, 70°45’52.95″E)
Mau Mubarak Fort (28°31’52.11″N, 70°21’44.39″E)
Ahmadpur Lamma Fort (28°19’15.13″N, 70° 3’6.45″E)
Mubarakpur Fort (29°15’42.11″N, 71°21’26.23″E)

Why was Harappa destroyed?

Many scholars believe that the collapse of the Indus Valley Civilization was caused by climate change. Some experts believe the drying of the Saraswati River, which began around 1900 BCE, was the main cause for climate change, while others conclude that a great flood struck the area.

How old is Darwar fort?

289Derawar fort / Age (c. 1733)

Is Balochistan a desert?

Balochistan (/bəˈlɒtʃɪstɑːn/; Balochi: بلۏچستان; also romanised as Baluchistan and Baluchestan) is an arid desert and mountainous geographic historical region in South and Western Asia.