How do I prepare my body for a successful VBAC?

How do I prepare my body for a successful VBAC?

Use skin-safe oils to massage your scar and reduce scar tissue. Take vitamins and herbs that are shown to strengthen your uterus, such as evening primrose oil and red raspberry leaf. Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to gain mental and physical stamina. Get outdoors often.

How do you mentally prepare for VBAC?

Below are some simple tips on how to mentally prepare for labor and any kind of birth you might have.

  1. Prepare your mind (release fear)
  2. Listen to birth stories.
  3. Gather a supportive birth team (family, provider, doula)
  4. Get educated about labor and VBAC.
  5. Envision your birth space.
  6. Slow down.
  7. Make a birth plan.

Does exercise help with VBAC?

Relaxation techniques, certain exercises, a prenatal yoga class, and visualizing a vaginal delivery will help reduce your chances of a repeat cesarean. Below are some pregnancy exercises for VBAC. Birth balls strengthen and comforts your lower back. With more strength, your pelvis is better supported and symmetrical.

Should I get epidural for VBAC?

If you end up needing a cesarean after some time in labor, you have a higher risk of complications, such as bleeding and infection, than you would with a planned cesarean. If you do try for a V.B.A.C., “having an epidural can be helpful” because it will smooth the transition to a cesarean if one is necessary, said Dr.

Does walking help VBAC?

Walking gently is helpful in recovering after surgery. During birth or pregnancy, if there was any kind of complication, if you have any medical condition, you should seek advice from a physiotherapist or healthcare professional before you start any kind of exercise.

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