How do I qualify for low income housing in Michigan?

How do I qualify for low income housing in Michigan?

To qualify for a voucher, you must have very low-income for your area. If you get a voucher, you can rent a home from a private landlord and part of the rent will be paid by your local housing authority. You must pay at least 30% of your monthly income as rent. Most voucher households pay more.

How do I get a housing voucher in Michigan?

To apply for Michigan Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, you need to contact MSHDA. You can also apply online through online pre-screening ( You can call at (517) 241 8986 any time to get assistance with the application process.

How long is the Dakota County Section 8 waiting list?

between 12 to 24 months
The length of the waiting list depends on location and size of unit. Typically, the wait is between 12 to 24 months.

How long is Flisp application?

7 days
From the moment you submit, the application process is expected to take 7 days. The NHFC (National Housing Finance Corporation) are required to notify you of the result within 21 days at the most.

What are the income limits for Section 8 in Michigan?

Fiscal Year 2022 Income Limit Category

Fiscal Year 2022 Income Limit Category 1 Person 8 Persons
Low (80%) Income Limits $50,160 $94,560
(60%) Income Limits $37,620 $70,920
Very Low (50%) Income Limits $31,350 $59,100
Extremely Low (30%) Income Limits $18,810 $35,460

How much is a 3 bedroom voucher in Michigan?

Voucher Payment Standards are calculated based on the HUD published Fair Market Rents (FMR). DHC’s current Voucher Payment Standard is 120% of the published FMR….

Voucher Bedroom Size Payment Standard
3 $1,645
4 $1,767
5 $2,031
6 $2,146