How do I run Codeception acceptance tests?

How do I run Codeception acceptance tests?


  1. Setup. Execute: php vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap.
  2. Create Test. Generate your first acceptance test.
  3. Configure Acceptance Tests. Please make sure your local development server is running.
  4. Write a Basic Test. It’s now time to write your first test.
  5. Run! Tests are executed with ‘run’ command.

Should I use Codeception?

Codeception provides you the best way to do so. Any IDE with code completion and syntax highlighting will help you write tests faster and without stupid syntax mistakes. Usage of PHP inside of tests unleashes the true power and control over the test flow. You can use your application classes or create testing helpers.

Does Codeception use selenium?

Codeception is very flexible framework that you can use to write your Selenium tests.

What is PHP testing?

PHPUnit is a unit testing framework for the PHP programming language. It is an instance of the xUnit design for unit testing systems that began with SUnit and became popular with JUnit. Even a small software development project usually takes hours of hard work.

How acceptance test is done?

User acceptance testing (UAT) is a type of testing, which is done by the customer before accepting the final product. Generally, UAT is done by the customer (domain expert) for their satisfaction, and check whether the application is working according to given business scenarios, real-time scenarios.

How do I test a PHP project?

PHPUnit Installation The first command creates a folder in your current directory, test-project and the second command moves into it. The last command starts an interactive shell. Follow the prompt, filling in the details as required (the default values are fine).

What is Behat selenium?

Behat Automated Testing TestingBot supports Selenium tests using Behat. It’s very easy to create or convert Behat tests to use our Selenium Grid. Behat is a Behavior-Driven Development framework for PHP. You can find more information on the Behat Documentation Pages.

What is difference between driver navigate and driver?

driver. get() is used to navigate particular URL(website) and wait till page load. driver. navigate() is used to navigate to particular URL and does not wait to page load.