How do I start my Valor fireplace with remote?

How do I start my Valor fireplace with remote?

Turning the fireplace ON When using your remote control, hold down the OFF and large flame buttons simultaneously. Once you hear the beep to start the activation sequence, the buttons on the remote can be released. Once the pilot light ignites, the flames will turn to full fire and remain in “Manual Mode”.

How does Valor plus remote work?

Valor Plus Remote The Plus Remote Control provides full control of your Valor gas fireplace. Select, adjust and program your desired temperature during waking hours, and set timers to turn off your fireplace after you go to bed. Turn your pilot light on and off from the remote control.

How do I reset my Valor plus fireplace remote?

With a sharp object, press and hold the receiver’s reset button until you hear one short and one long beeps. Release the reset button after the second beep.

How do I turn off my Valor fireplace without the remote?

When operating from your Valor wall switch, press the ON/OFF button and your pilot will ignite and turn the flame to high fire. Easily shut down your fireplace by pressing the OFF button on the remote or the ON/OFF button on the Valor wall switch.

How do I set the temperature on my valor remote?

To increase temperature, press high flame button. To decrease temperature, press low flame button.

How do I set the temperature on my Valor remote?

How do I change my valor plus remote to Celsius?

Press OFF and high flame button until you hear beeping. Takes up to 20 seconds. Choose Fahrenheit 12-hour or Celsius 24-hour clock. Press OFF and low flame button to change display.

Why does my Valor fireplace keep shutting off?

If the thermocouple is faulty or blocked, it will not be providing enough gas to the fireplace. As a result it will cause the fireplace to switch off. To test whether the thermocouple is operating as it should, a professional will need to use a multimeter that will determine how it is operating.

How do I set the time on my Valor Max remote?

Press high and low flame buttons until time 6:00 flashes. 2. To set hour— press high flame button.

Can you replace an electric fireplace remote?

If you’ve lost your fireplace remote control or your receiver box has stopped working, don’t worry—you can purchase a remote only or receiver box by itself right here. These replacement parts keep you from needing to replace an entire remote control system and help save you money.