How do I use TinyMCE plugins?

How do I use TinyMCE plugins?

To use a plugin, you need to use the advanced theme and add the plugin name in the “plugins” comma separated line. You also need to add the button to the interface. Read more about the advanced plugin to configure this. Please notice that the plugins can require some configuration.

How do you add a video to TinyMCE editor?

You can use the media plugin. tinymce. init({ plugins: “media” }); This plugin adds the ability to add HTML5 video and audio elements to TinyMCE.

How do I insert an iframe in Tinymce?

Click on the Show iframe border radio button to display iframe borders. Click on the Scrollbar radio button to add scrollbars to the iframe.

How do you get text from TinyMCE editor?

The TinyMCE getContent and setContent methods You can do this using the getContent() API method. Let’s say you have initialized the editor on a textarea with id=”myTextarea”. This will return the content in the editor marked up as HTML.

Is there a TinyMCE editor plugin for Joomla?

I’ve download a plugin for tinymce editor for Joomla. I’ve pasted all files inside the plugin folder of tinymce under Joomla. After, the readme claims:

What is the HTML embed function used for in TinyMCE?

This option allows you to specify the function that will return the HTML embed code of the audio media that you are attempting to insert into TinyMCE. This option allows you to specify a function that will be used to replace TinyMCE’s default media embed logic with your own, custom logic.

Is there a highlighter code for Joomla?

The instructions are poorly written in the site you provided therefore I’m not too sure where you have to inset that code in your question. I would personally use the Code Highlighter Joomla extension. We have used his on our site and it works like a charm. Show activity on this post.